The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 28, 2010


Me, McKenzie and cousin Anna Banana Pants took a walk around to block and stopped by the park on the times had by all!  What a nice afternoon  :-)  Anna was complaining that the sun was hurting her McKenzie graciously allowed her to borrow her pink (skull & cross-bones) sunglasses...under one condition...that I let her borrow MY sunglasses and HAT.  okay, you win.  :-)
I apologize in advance for uploading ALL the pictures...if you haven't learned by now...this is how I roll...
Can someone please tell me who this little girl is?  I just do not think this looks like McKenzie at all!
Anna wait for me!  Wait for me Anna!
check out this little daredevil on the slide!  She makes McKenzie look like a little scaredy cat  :-)
Kenzie's neighbor Zach invited the girls over to dig in the dirt and play with bubbles.  what a sweetie!
oh and he did ask McKenzie on a date...a playdate that is!  LOL   We've got it scheduled  :-)  What a stud!
Time to head back home  :-(
Looking forward to many more walks around the neighborhood as the weather starts to get warmer.  Can't wait for Macy to be able to join us...still a little too chilly for her just yet.

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