The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 26, 2010

Pretty Pink Tree

Pretty Pink Tree...Oh how I Love Thee...
This tree in front of our house blooms BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL PINK flowers every Spring!  We never know how long the flower's will stick around, so we thought we better take some pictures to remember them before the ugly Nebraska wind comes and blows them away   :-(
 yep, that's Joe mowin' in the background...mmm...LOVE the smell of fresh cut grass!
McKenzie sure does love that porch $15 Kids 'R' Us investment we've ever made! 
Giving sissy some smooches
 busted   :-) now you're too cool and are going to walk away?
This picture is about the TREE...but I thought I'd get the girls in the shot too, why not?
oh and look, what do ya know...we have a bunch of beautiful Tulips blooming as well!!  :-)  Awesome  I do not recall  these from last year...I do remember Toby EATING the heads off of these flowers before we could have a chance to see what they were...nice huh?  I am certain that these tulips were special delivered straight from Holland.  :-)   as referenced in this earlier post - read Welcome to Holland Poem at bottom
they smell...pretty?
We have been enjoying the fruits of this pretty tree for almost 2 weeks now...yippee!  I also love the view of this tree from inside McKenzie's goes great with her colorful "daisy" decor  :-)

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