The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 8, 2010

Morning "wake up time" story

This morning McKenzie arose as she usually does...she stands in the door of her bedroom and says in soft whispery voice "Mommy, I wake, mommy?".  Our room is down the hall, I peered into the hallway and said "Good Morning Sunshine!  Did you have nice dreams?" as I always do.  She says "uh huh!"  :-)
As she walked past Macy's room she asked "Is Macy still seeping"?  "Yep" I said.  "I go wake her!" she exclaimed.  "NO don't wake her" I begged.  "Can I go look at her?"  "Okay that's fine, but don't touch her and do not wake her up!" I demanded.  
I returned to put my "work face" on and I could hear McKenzie's talking sweetly to Macy through the baby monitor.  After about 10 minutes I peek in the room and here is what I saw...
McKenzie is, oh so sweetly, reading her favorite (newly checked out) library books to her baby sister.  Now, of course she can't read, so she is making up the words as she goes along.  Quite the imagination this child has!!  My heart melted when I saw this taking place.  What an amazing big sister!  Brought tears to my eyes...
As to not disturb her, I went back into my room and continued getting ready for work.  I kept peeking in and all was good!  As you know, I usually do not trust McKenzie to be alone with Macy for a single second, as you can not really trust a 2 year old with a baby...but there was something about McKenzie's kind demeanor that I knew I could trust her this time...Kenzie read about 5 books to her.  I loved that she read the "Baby Animals" book and was describing to Macy how SOFT the baby bunny was  :-)  

Big Sister decided that baby Macy needed her lamb.  oh okay.
Much better  :-) 
What would we do without her?

Now don't get me wrong...this is not the typical workday morning in the Harnisch house.  There is usually quite a bit more hustle bustle.  And most of the time McKenzie wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and can not for the life of her just be content with what I prepare her for breakfast.  "MORE BANANAS" she usually argues.  She insists on sitting on my lap and ROCKING the lazy boy as I nurse Macy, just lovely...I will not even get into how much of a challenge brushing, piggy-tailing and clipping her bangs back are...There is usually some sort of bribery/negotiation that needs to take place in order for me to get the mop out of her face.  By the time we all get dressed, groomed, packed up, and loaded into the car, I have worked up quite a sweat...who needs the gym?  :-)  It is comforting to know that I am NOT the only mom in the world who goes through this similar morning routine!  Thanks goodness Joe is usually around to lend a helping hand in the mornings... 
So, I do very much  treasure peaceful mornings such as today...definitely "something to blog about"  :-)

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