The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 14, 2010

Had us a bit Worried

Our Little Miss Macy had us pretty worried the other night.  Our little bug-a-boo had a fever.  I know I know.  All babies get sick.  toughen up right?  But when it's your own sweet little petite baby, it just breaks your heart!!  Doesn't matter WHO you are.  They just look at you with those sad, puppy dog eyes, just as innocent as can be.  If she could talk, she'd say "hold me tight, love me, please make me feel better, I don't want to have to go back to the hospital again".        :-(  I have to admit, I was a little scared...
We took her temperature every couple of hours throughout the night...luckily the infant Tylenol broke her fever and she is a cool little kitten once again.  Grandpa took wonderful care of her ALL day yesterday!!  I would not have wanted to go to work if we did not have him at our house taking care of her...but it's all good now, she's back to her perky-playful self  :-)  phew...this is a great sign that her little immune system is strong!

Speaking of Grandpa...check out his fancy diploma!

 hahaha!  We presented it to him a while back, but I just got around to posting it on the blog. 
Thanks Dad...once again, we, especially Macy, are so lucky!


  1. Hi Harnisch family! Glad to hear that Macy is feeling better, that can be a scare feeling especially with such a wee little one. I just had to share that you calling her bug-a-boo just gave me a tear. Why you ask? Because that is what Jack called Graci every since she was a baby. He even found her a Columbia coat that had Bug-a-boo on the back of it and bought it even though it was a size 8 and she was like 2!! He was trying to get personalized plates for his jeep with bug-a-boo on it too, but they were already taken, so he had to get the 2nd best on them "Graci"! Just wanted to share that with you! So glad you two are getting away for the weekend...You will come back refreshed and renewed!
    Angie & Graci

  2. Hey Angie - now that you say it, I suppose "Bug-a-boo" isn't the most common of terms...I didn't think of it until now, but that adorable little nickname must have stuck with me from reading all of your caring bridge posts. I know that's the case :-) I hope (and am sure) Jack won't mind if we borrow it every now and again! Every time I find myself using it, I will think of the amazing bond Jack had with his beautiful baby girl Graci...
    Love you,