The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 4, 2010

Impromptu visits

Yesterday morning McKenzie, Macy and I were up bright and early, got the house cleaned up, dressed, out the door, in the car and headed for Mommy & Me. We pull up to the church parking lot only to find that no one was there! :-( Bummer! I was dissapointed...We were all dressed up with nowhere to go. The babes butts are clean & their bellies are full, I am surely not going to just go back home. Half the battle is just getting out of the house & in the car...Sooo, we decided to pay daddy an impromptu visit at his work. Kim had a great time parading Macy around the office and McKenzie had a blast running around and spinning on the twirlie office chairs. Oh my what fun! 20 minutes down, we still have the whole morning ahead of what should we do??
hmmm...I know, let's call Casie and see what she, Sophie & Vollen are up to. Luckily they were just hanging out enjoying the beautiful day, so I said. Okay, we're comin' over, we'll see you in 10 minutes!
As you can see Macy was thrilled to see her buddy Vollen again!
He's checking her out. He notices that she has gotten SOO much bigger since the last time they played...whoa, what is your momma feeding you he wonders??
Sophie is so sweet and shares her bubbles with McKenzie...look at how excited Vollen is in the background. What a CUTIE!!
Eskimo Kisses :-)
bummer, I wish I would not have accidentally cut out Vollen's face in this shot...I can tell by his mouth that he probably has the sweetest little expression on his face...
Thanks Casie for letting us pop in on such short notice! The kiddos had a good time!
The girls say "cheers" over some fancy strawberry milk. McKenzie and Sophie share a few common bonds...first they were born at the same hospital only 3 days apart (they were checking in as we were checking out), they are both tall...and...they are both wonderful big sisters to very special siblings who happen to have that extra special chromosone. These girls are amazing and do not quite know yet the incredible journey that God has in store for them! He hand picked them to be Macy & Vollen's big sisters for a reason :-)
Discussing life..."It's rough being 2, everything will be much better once we are finally 3...Just a few more weeks and then we'll see!"

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