The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 17, 2010

Fun with Friends

Thomas turned 2! McKenzie and Macy were pretty excited to have been invited to his Birthday Party this past Saturday :-)
This morning me and the girls met up with some other Down Syndrome Super Mom's at Walnut Grove Park. It was a great morning, a little on the chilly side, but hey at least it was DRY!
As nice and comforting as it was for us mom's to connect and as fun as it was for Macy, Wesley, Vollen and Tessa to bond (or sit there and stare at each other from their baby carriers) was even more exciting for the big siblings to play! It was fun watching them run around and have a good time. Not a care in the world!
Jessie was playing that "Crack the egg on your head" game with the kids, they were LOVING it...I remember playing that when I was a kid. Now if only I can recall the words, I know McKenzie is going to ask me to do it to her later. Jessie, I may be calling you!
Macy and Wesley peeking at me....trying to stay warm :-)
Casie and sweet baby Tessa
Casie just shared the news that Vollen will have to have surgery to repair his heart soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys...we know that baby V will get through this, he is so strong and brave!
Just look at the precious smile :-)

Last Friday, Macy and I drove down to Lincoln to visit cousin Harrison again. He is doing so well and is such a cutie :-)

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