The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 31, 2010

Our Godtwins' baptism

Last Sunday was a glorious day!  Not because that's the day we left for Vegas...but because that's the morning Neeley & Grady, being the children of God that they are, were baptized.  It was beautiful.  All went well. 
 Me, Grady, Joe, Bethany, Jason, Becca, Neeley & Jeremy
The four of us feel extremely blessed to have been chosen as God Parents to these delightful angels.  What an honor, thanks Ja & Bethany  :-)
 Below are some pics that Aunt Jess took at the celebration brunch back at the house.  I'm "borrowing" them as they are too cute not to share :-)
 Grady & Neeley posing by their cake  :-)  Are they not the most adorable???
 Grandpa Harnisch & Mason  - LOVE this shot!
 Sam (2&3/4) & Mason (3&1/2).  COUSINS!
 Aunt Jess and sweet little Neeley  :-)
Macy (10 months) with her baby cousin Harrison (5&1/2 months)  they were playing so sweet by each other!  They'll be good friends indeed.  :-) 

(The day was perfect, Well aside from the near disaster that took place minutes before the service was to begin.  Ja & Grady were no where to be found.  We learned that Grady had decided to "explode" up his back all the way up to his hair.  Of all times right?  Just when they are all decked out in white and about to "be in the spotlight".  hehe.  Go figure.  But Ja handled it perfectly and took care of the "situation" swiftly.  We would not have even known about this "near disaster" had he not told us afterward.  Good job daddy!  :-)  His Car seat had to be left outside the church and "hosed down" later on back home.  sorry guys, but this story is WAY too funny not to share!   :-)

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