The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 14, 2011

DS SuperMom's Coffee scrapbook pages

 At our Down Syndrome SuperMom's Coffee the other day, we were asked to bring photos to create a page for our group scrapbook.  What a FUUNN idea!!  Thanks Casie for making this happen!
This book will be nice to have around for new mom's who join our "extra chromosome" club.  They can flip through our homemade creation and get to see our little ones  :-)  It will also be nice to showcase this book at next year's Buddy Walk.  
Casie took some pics and posted them to her blog, I hope she doesn't mind if I "borrow" a few to post on mine.  I just LOVE the Mom's in our group, we are a great support system for each other.  Most of all I LOVE their special kiddos  :-)  Here are a few of them!

I hope the mom's who could not make our "scrapbook making" coffee still make a page to contribute to the book...cant wait to see more additions!!
Me and Roberta....and that's Andrew holding little Kenlie's hand  :-)
Andrew, who is 27, came with his mom.  It was SOO nice to meet this very polite, good looking and intelligent young man.  He has a great job at Walmart and loves playing sports.  Here he shows us a couple medals of which he is very proud of.  Special Olympic Bowling and Floor Hockey medals.  He competed in this summer's USA National games on Nebraska's Flag Football team.  He has traveled to many other far away places to compete Nationally.  Very COOL!  How inspiring it was to talk with him.  I enjoyed our conversation very much  :-)
hard at work on their scrapbook pages.
Happy Valentines Day to you all!!
I need to get going as a Heart-shaped pizza is calling my name...then it's off to V-Ball.
Quick Macy update...the girl is EVERYWHERE and ALLL OVER the place.  She is one fast little booger.  Scootin', crawlin', rollin', climbing, and if you hold her hands...RUNNING!!  She is going to skip right past the walking stage I'm quite certain.  She is just in too much of a hurry to mess with slow paced walking.  Running will be her most preferred means of transportation.
She needs to be quick to keep up with her big sis...or perhaps I should rephrase that...she needs to be quick to escape her sometimes.too.loving.and.overly.aggressive big sis.
Pics and video to come later  :-)

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