The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 16, 2011

Rest in Peace Murphy

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you last night we lost a dear member of our Harnisch family.  Murphy was the beloved dog to Gordy, Shelly, Ashlynn, Autumn and Mason.  This special West Highland Terrier was "rescued" 16 years ago and served as Gordy & Shelly's "first-born".  Pets are not just pets, they are very much important members of our family.  When you lose a pet, it is heartbreaking and sad.  It is of course reality that an animal's life here on Earth is short lived, however, that does not make it any easier once they pass.  I wish we could have had just ONE more Toby/Murph playdate  :-(

As you can see our dog bares a striking resemblance to cousin Murphy...this is how Toby got his nickname "Mini-Murph".
This was back when Toby was a of my favorite pics!  Such the Protector  :-)
 Ashlynn and her puppy dog Murph many years ago.  He was an awesome family dog and great companion.

 Toby & Murphy
 Toby, Murphy & Corby - doggie cousins
 We had Murphy sleepover on several occasions...usually when his family went out of town.  Toby LOVED it when he came over to play!

 Murphy, Toby and my sister's sweet dog.  We miss you too Bailey!
 That's Murphy in the background

 These are pics from his last sleepover a few months ago...

Rest in peace friend!  You'll be missed by us all. 
Enjoy your new digs up in sunny doggie heaven where you are fully healed, free of pain and get to chow down on yummy treats ALL day long.

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