The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 8, 2011

The Gift that keeps on GIVING

Hi Friends,
We are just so excited to celebrate Macy's big "One" tomorrow and are just so truly appreciative of the response she's received. Many people have asked about gift ideas, etc. Please know that a gift is not expected. The gift of your "presence" is what truly counts.
But as the day approaches...
I am reminded each and every day that we are not alone. MACY is NOT alone. She has many many friends who share her "common thread". Hundreds of thousands in the United States and hundreds right here in the Omaha area have Down Syndrome. We have come to form a wonderful community of support with the families of these amazing souls. Soooo...if you do feel so obliged to give a birthday gift to Macy (and you have not been to the store just yet). Please consider gifting her with a donation to her favorite "club". Omaha Down Syndrome Parents network is an organization of wonderful people that reached out to us very early on. We have already benefited from several of their programs, resources and most importantly friendships and support groups. As Macy grows, she and her friends will continue to benefit from all that this group truly has to offer.
To keep our local "Down Syndrome Support group" alive and strong, they could use our help!
If you are coming to the party, please consider bringing the gift of a check made out to "Omaha Down Syndrome Parents Network" - ODPSN for short.
A little goes a long way. The future of all the amazing "extra chromosomed" in our community is riding on it and will APPRECIATE the generosity greatly!!
We are SOOO looking forward to the big celebration tomorrow and thanks again to all of you who are going to take the time out of your day to be there WITH us.
You all ROCK!!

Sherri & Joe

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