The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 11, 2011

Macy's 1 year Party!! pt. 1 of 5 (prep)

Aarrgg.  Gotta love Nebraska weather.  According to the local meteorologist, a snow storm was a bruin (this was the beginning of the storm that has so far brought a foot & half of fluffy white stuff and created two SNOW DAYS (no school!))...I was hoping it would hold off abit, but alas, it began coming down pretty steadily early Sunday morning.  I received a few emails and phone calls from friends who were going to come to the party but decided not to make the trek as a result of the weather conditions.  Totally understandable & a-okay with me  :-)  Another popular reason several friends were un-rsvp'ing was due to an ill child or two.  Again.  totally understandable.  'Tis the season right?!  :-)
But...regardless...rain or shine, snow, sleet or hail...the party WILL go on.
Even Macy arose from her nap with a runny nose, watery eyes & rosy cheeks.  oh man!  wonderful timing.  But I knew she'd be okay to still attend the party.  After-all, she is the GUEST of HONOR!

I did not sleep well the night before as my mind was racing with party detail odds and ends.  I was also just sooo excited.  Oh the anticipation.  Not stressed at all...just excited  :-)
My mom, dad & sisters arrived at our house around 12:45 to help load up the car (we had lots 'o' stuff that needed to get to the party site).  I must say, now that the party is over, it's nice to be able to see my kitchen floor again.  hehe.
Grandma & Grandpa Lee stayed back at the house and entertained the kiddos.  And most importantly filled Macy's belly up so that she'd be a happy camper for the next few hours.  (and it worked btw)
More family arrived at the hall and helped us set everything up.  Our family ROCKS!!!  
Below are some "party prep" pics.
 Me & Lisa getting the banner assembled.  Someone needs to give my sister a dictionary.  Lisa - how do you spell Birthday??  really?  haha!
Sea of tables...the party took on sort of a "pinwheel" theme  :-)
 My photographer "partner in crime".  thanks Heather!!
 fancy water bottles, cupcakes & CAKE POPS!!!
 My talented friend Lindsey so generously offered to make these adorably delicious delights.  Wowsa!
My other friend, Emily, offered to capture the entire event on video and is even putting together a highlight video.  As a gift.  How super nice!!  Can't wait to see it.  You bet I'll post a link on the blog once it's completed.  She does great work, so I'm certain it'll be perfect  :)   Thanks again Emily!
 Create your own TRAIL MIX station...funnn  :-)
The little "donation box"...of which we received $350.00 for Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands in (formerly known as Omaha Down Syndrome Parents Network).  What an amazing community of friends & family we have!!!!
 Lynette (Grandma Harnisch) shown here cutting up her pastry sensation...her famous kringler.  BIG HIT!  Everyone was asking for this recipe.  Little do they know, it takes serious skill to pull it off.  Trust me, I've tried and have failed at several attempts.  One of these of these days.  :-)
I also want to thank my dear friend Marie (who also rocks in the kitchen) for bringing a tasty cheese dip, a crowd favorite as it went fast...
Thanks to all our family who arrived early to help set up.  THANKFULLY!  We budgeted the time down to the very last second.  literally.  whew.  we got done just in the nick of time!  
Now we just need Little Miss Macy to arrive in her PARTY DRESS!
Let the party begin!

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