The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 11, 2011

Macy's 1 year Party!! pt. 5 of 5 (CAKE TIME)

I saved the best part.  THE CAKE!  for last...
Oh Man.  Macy was SOOO ready for the cake!  Poor thing has been deprived of sweets her entire life.  Aside from a few instances when her aunts, cousins or Grandpas may have sneaked her a sugary snack or too.  Totally against her mean momma's wishes of course.  shame on you guys!   :(
I was a little nervous to watch her dig into the cake as she only has about half a tooth...but she shoveled it in and swallowed it down like a champ!!!
 She spots the cake and is READY to go. You can't see it in the photo, but she is SHAKING and grunting...her mouth open WIDE!
 her very sweet sister explains to Macy why ALL these people are watching.
 Singing Happy Birthday  :-)
This is the view from Macy's seat.
 McKenzie has been such a good girl, so I promised her that I'd let her blow the candle out on Macy's cake (that is if Macy does not do it herself).  She's been talking about it NON-STOP!
 Good job Kenzie!

 This is cute.  I saw Kaylee's mom taking a picture of her by the cake pops.  Yes, my friends, they were THAT cute!  :-)

 "Here,  you try"

 Daddy trying to encourage her to "get a little messy"

 There you you're getting the hang of it.

 She was having a BALL!
 Tada!  Just about done.
 cousin Dani giving her a little pep talk
 Me and my Messy Miss Macy

 She was not ready to be cleaned up...

Buttoning the Onesie back up.  Nice shot Heather!   hehe   :-)

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