The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 11, 2011

Macy's 1 year Party!! pt. 2 of 5 (PARTY TIME!)

I'm not sure that I can find the words that appropriately describe how extremely grateful I was for the amazing turnout of friends and family.  They braved the snowy roads (many drove quite a distance) and helped us celebrate our special girl's first year in STYLE!!  My heart is filled with warmth as I think back to the fun party.  
I did the tally - Macy had 168 close family & friends!!!
It went off without a hitch and was a genuinely good time.  I'd like to think "had by all".
Here are some (okay a lot of) pics.  Sorry to bombard you, but I want to post them all so that they are "published" in the blog book  :-)
 We tried to include McKenzie in our little family picture...but she was far too busy running around in every direction to hold still for a stinkin' photo-op.  hehe  a well!
 Just about every chair had a butt in it.  crazy!
 Brenda and Lexi (pointing over towards the bounce house.  "Nana, I go there, NOW!")   :-)
 We very much appreciate all the kind & thoughtful gifts.  Not to mention generous donations (big & small) to Macy's favorite club.  Can't wait to hand over $350.00 to The Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands.
 Rikki & Nick
 Grandma Harnisch, Ashlynn, Macy, Dakota & Autumn
 Ameri & Sabrina
 What a little dolly  :-)
 Adria & LeAnn
 Elizabeth and sweet Chloe
 Little Eisley (who is just one week younger than Macy) and her mom Anne.  My friend Toninette brought her Down Syndrome Superstars calendar for all the little ones (or mommas) to sing & autograph  :-)  What a fun idea!!
 Lisa & Nikki
hello Mason  :-)
Marie, Ricki & Grandpa Lee
 Chad & Dan
 Donna, Grandma Lee, Brook, Lisa, Emily & Renae deep in conversation.
 John & Mildred.  Mildred made an ADORABLE Macy book.  I will certainly post pics later as it deserves an entire posting all to itself!   :-)
 Isabel checking out the Cake pops
 Aunt Karen, Skyla & Becky
 The big boys get a pick up game of B-ball goin'.  pretty serious stuff, with a girly pink plastic ball and all.
 Jeremy, Mike & Macy's uncle Gordy
 a pic of Grandma Harnisches yummy kringler
 Joe & Macy greet the Hubers.  Lauren, Thomas, Grant & Matt.

 with Aunt Jess, birthday boy Sam & uncle Tod...Harrison is chillin' behind them to the left  :)
 neighbors - Duane, Dylan, Lynn, Lauren & Hannah!
 some of our college friends...Jason, Jack, Nikki, Mark, Bob, Tiff, Heather, Meghan, Alex, Brian & Angie.
 Leah (my bestie from all the way back in elementary school), her little guy Charlie, Olivia, Steve & Emily
 A few of my DS Supermom friends...Anne, Eisey, me, Macy, Elizabeth & Chloe
Toninette, Becky & Aunt Karen
 College girls...Tiff, Heather, Al, me & Nikki
 me and my neice Anna Banana  :-)
Me, Macy, Vollen, Casie & Sophie.  I tried to round up Kenzie, but that was easier said than done.  She was toooo busy partying it up! 
 Cheryl and Lisa playing the parachute game with the littles.
 Hi Grandpa Harnisch!
 Sam, Jess, Me & Macy
 Skyla with her Trail Mix creation.
 me and some of my good friends from High School...Jenny (expecting baby #2), Adria & LeAnn (expecting baby #1).
There were about 10 pregnant mommas at the party!  :-)
 Me and my babe during cake
 Lauren, Ameri, "Crappa" Bryon & Peyton.
 It was pretty interesting to see how all the kids prefer their trail mix.  Each one unique.  Kind of a psychology experiment..."you can tell a lot about a person by what they put (or don't put) in their trail mix...".   hehe
 Emily and the super cute Olivia!
 Thanks again for shooting the party Em.
 Macy's great grandma Salisbury rocking baby Grace to sleep
 Me, Evie, Lindsey, Vollen, Casie & Christina!
McKenzie headin' back into the Bounce House...this time with her Woody & Jessie dolls.
 Mason & Macy
 more neighbor friends...the Murphys!  :-)
 McKenzie would not turn to the camera for nothin'  :-(
 Little Miss Macy and her dadda.
 Brook, Jim, Ally, Lisa, Blake, Kylie, Renae, Emily & Donna
 Amy, Kaylee, Cheryl & Mia
 Cheryl, Mia, Skyla & Becky
 Wes, Mike & Jeremy
 Ally is going in with the big kids!
 I am happy to say that the Bounce House survived!  whew.  A BIG Thanks to the Brian and Heidi Green for allowing us to borrow it for the was a hit!  :-)
 Grant, Lauren, Thomas & Matt
 Brett, Molly & Jenn
 awwww..such a daddy's girl  :-)
Casie and her little bubba.  She is expecting #3 (Ronan) next month.  yippee!!
 Sweet Little E.  :-)
 Evie, Lindsey, Vollen, Casie & Christina
 Grant & Grady!
 Grandma Harnisch and the sweet Neely  (twin to Grady above)
 Maddy & Dani
 It was cute watching to kiddos have a blast with the parachute!
 okay, now everyone hide!
 John, Grady, Mildred and Grandma Harnisch taking care of a VERY sleepy and partied out Macy.
 Harrison and Tod
Keri, Anna & Ally
 Lisa, Heather, (Kenzie), Me & Keri.  My sistas!
 Cake in the face!  :-(  nice.  Thanks Heather.  love ya too.  Keri, were you in on this too???
 haha, gotter back.  Just as she was reaching over to give me a hug, I gave her a big WET kiss on the mouth.  haha.
A good end to an awesome party!~

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  1. LOVE all of the pics - but the two right above are my favorite - Heather "feeding" you and then your return favor of a sloppy kiss! Gotta love sisters!