The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 2, 2012

La Paz Bolivia Day 1: At the Bethany House (more pics)

I blogged about about our first day in Bolivia a few days ago..and shared some of Pastor John's photos,, here are some (okay a LOT) of pics I took while spending time with the kids at the Bethany and Renacer House.  Residences of Kaya, where kids who used to call the streets their home, now reside.
We had an absolutely WONDERFUL time! We hung out, ate lunch & played soccer (Futball) with all the kids at the Bethany House. Such kind, sweet, polite, silly, gracious and hospitable kids they all are. :). They were very proud to give us a house tour of their rooms. I'm grateful for their beautiful smiles, zest for life and unending ENERGY!
Scott riding up front in Kaya mini-bus #1.  For some reason, he always got dibs on sitting shotgun.  makes sense.
At a local bank exchanging our Dollars into Boliviano's.
like I mentioned before...clearly seatbelt laws do not apply here...
seriously.  dogs.  wild dogs everywhere!
Ysrael, along with his kitchen helpers, was honored to prepare our lunch that day.
ooops.  a little sideways...Andrew & Ivan.
Ivan escorting Jacey up another flight of stairs, up to more bed rooms.
their stuff.
great view of their property situated high up in the Andes Mt's.
checking out the spectacular views from the living room window.
Funny, how despite a slight language barrier, some things, (smiling, eating together, foosball, soccer, playing, laughing, high-fiving & ANGRY BIRDS) are universal...Lots of the Kaya kids enjoyed playing games on our iPhones and snapping pics with my "grande" camera. They mostly loved the zoom & out, in & out, over & over. 
Hehe I already KNEW that some of favorites were going to be the ones that they took of each other with my camera. :)
And that's a wrap on "La Paz, Bolivia" day 1.
I will post our latter experiences in the days to come.  Stay tuned  :)
For now, I'm gonna go spend more quality time with my fam out at the lake.


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