The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jul 16, 2012

Leaving La Paz...

disclaimer:  Most of my Bolivia blog posts were written on my iPhone while I was away...I chose not to publish them until I got home so that I could upload my own photos (so that's why they are a little delayed).

I wrote this one on the plane ride from La Paz to Santa Cruz...

This was the view out my window as I typed the note below...
The majestic snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains down below.  A breath-taking view!!

Our journey home began with the loud buzz of the 3:00am alarm.  Lovely.
Pack up.
Hasta Luego La Paz.

Our group stood out front of the hotel in the dark of night, waiting for our four taxis to arrive.
I was with Sarah & Lyn.  Our taxi was third in line...3rd...until our cab started experiencing troubles.  It kept STALLING!  We were passed...we were now last.
Our taxi proceeded to STOP 15+ more times.  Seriously??  Are you kidding me right now?

Fear sunk in.

Here we a 3rd World Country...3 ladies...3:00am...

Driving through the dark & depressing slums of El Alto (must I remind you we were afraid a few days prior in this very part of town in broad daylight?).  I'll let you do the math.

His transmission was, as he told us, "caliente", that is why his vehicle is struggling to make it up this steep mountainous terrain.  The roads are narrow, with tall walls & large gates lining each of the streets.  My heart was racing each time we stopped, just imagining who might have been behind one of these gates, jut waiting for some weak looking out of towners to "stop-by".  All-in-all, aside from a few people rummaging through trash bins, the streets were pretty quiet.

When the car was running, it was at barely 10 miles/hour.  Fast forward 15 minutes... I've never been so happy to see low flying airplanes overhead! This was a sign the airport was nearby.  Can I get a HALLELUJAH?  :)

I think this is them moment where it ALL TRULY SUNK IN.
We were three adult women...

Now imagine for a moment...

if we were 3 young children (your daughters age - under 10).  
Abused, neglected, abandoned, alone, filthy & afraid.  
This is reality for thousands of children who call the streets their home.
 we were simply given a fifteen minute "walk in their shoes".
Thank God they have a higher power looking after and watching over them.  
May God continue to wrap his loving arms around them, shine his light on them and show them the "way" they are so desperately seeking.
God bless all the children.  

All have been wonderfully made in his own image. Intricately sewn together by his own hands in their mother's womb.  
He knew them, much like us, before they were born.  Only He knows what lies ahead.

We made it through customs, migration, & security.  Got to Santa Cruz on time...are en-route to Miami. Next stop Dallas.  Then 18 hours later, we should be back in "the good life" state of Nebraska!
Can't wait to see Joe and hug my babies very soon :)

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