The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 13, 2011

The big PONCA post!!

Last weekend we took our annual trip up to Ponca State Park.  Where we catch up and hang out with all the Lee's.  Our group (in all) consists of 85+ people  :-)  FUN TIMES!
Here are a few pics.
What's this you ask?  This is Kenzie & Macy in the rear view mirror watching  "Baby Signing Times"! It is soo funny to hear Macy giggle, jibber-jabber and imitate  :-)
and yes...that's one super full to the top trunk in the background! 
 We just arrived and Macy is running to check out her cabin.
Whoa girlfriend...see. she's not ALWAYS happy.  That first day was really windy...

Macy's down below & Kenzie's up on the deck  :-)
Macy, doing what Macy does best...moochin' some breakfast from Grandma & Grandpa.  I have NO idea where she gets this!
Good morning sunshine!
The "Kevin" Lee crew fishin' down by the river.
Elwood & Macy enjoying a cruise through the park.  ha!!  Like a dog, the girl loves feeling the wind in her hair  :-)
A failed attempt at a "Leaf falling from the sky" pic.  oops.  tehe
Big sis being all brave and going down the BIG slide.
Go Anna go!
I just love seeing her smile.  We are starting to see a lot more of this lately  :-)  Melts my heart!
my beautiful niece Erika
Keri taking Little Miss Macy down the slide for the first time...hmmm she looks a litte frightened.
Mommy's turn...MUCH better.  hehe  :-)
Grandpa Lee and his favorite girl playin' in the leaves
I just LOVE capturing the fun moments  :-)
uh oh...G&G sending Macy down the big slippery slide...this can't end well.
...and it doesn't.  BONK!
Grandma's turn!  oh geeeez
I like Colton's expression here.
Erika with her favorite baby niece  :-)
Macy's pretty chill.
so sweet.  I LOVE this pic  :-)
Juan & Addi in the bike cart.  This was SOO much fun, we definitely need to get ourselves one of these.  anyone?
Nobody can make Macy smile quite like her Aunt Keri.
trying to brush the leaves off us.
"ring around the rosie"
yep, they're twins!  "So cute it's scary"
mom & dad Lee

Collecting leaves for the big pumpkin bags
Ally's got her bag all filled up!
tryin' for a group shot...all the kids with their bags,  We'll see how this goes.
Maddi & her sweet baby bro  :-)
not bad!  Well, Kenzie's not looking, but I suppose that's just expected anymore.
Hi Addi
Keri & Elwood.  Ummm.  CUUUTE!
"Little Monster"
Anna, Kenzie & Grandpa checking out their cabin halloween decorating skills
Our little walking machine taking a stroll on the bridge.

Little Miss Social WAVES & SMILES to EVERYONE...ALL THE TIME!!!   Lover her  :-)
me & my angel.
runnin' from Aunt Keri.  I'd run too.  hehe  :-)
Gotch-ya...the girl can turn on a dime!
And she's got quite a bit of hop in her step lately can almost call it running  :-)
THIS from a girl who was predicted to not have been able to walk until at least 22 months old.  ha!  love her  :)
uh oh...she spots Aunt Karen's unattended water bottle...SWIPER, NO SWIPING!
me & my crazy sister
Grace & Macy.
Now THAT'S a LOT of playdo action. 
such the Diva!
Silly Ally & her daddy
tryin's for another little group shot of the kiddos at the event center you think she likes him much??
would have been an adorable photo had it not been for Macy sticking her fingers in his ear!  :-(  tehe
This right here is what Ponca is all about...sittin' around by the campfire...enjoying good conversation with wonderful family members!
My uncle John carving (2 yr old) Skyla a walking stick...what a good Grandpa!!
Even Macy joined in the messy action.
another "feeling the wind in her hair" shot!  shhh. don't's PONCA!
Is this girl FULL of expressions or what?
blowin' kisses :-)
On the way to the Hallowfest Pumkin Roll competition.  it's a pretty big deal.
Checkin' out her "prized" pumpkin.
waiting very patiently for the games to begin...
Catching Anna in a pose.  not a rare site! Can I keep her??
The crowd of spectators and participants gets bigger & bigger every year...crazy!
There's the course.
A rare smiling at the camera moment...KEEPER!  :-)
Ponca Church...sitting in, what Danielle & Dalton referred to as, "Pastor's Row".
I stole this pic from was taken on their sunrise walk.  She caught a very sweet, tender & candid moment, I HAD to share it  :-)
Lucky for you my camera battery went dead, so I was unable to capture pics of other hikes and haunted trail rides, sad.  oh well!  It happens & life goes on.
We had such a nice time in Ponca this never disappoints.  Rain was in the forecast, but it was sunny skies pretty much the whole time.  AWESOME!  Thank you Jesus. :-)

Looking forward to next year already!


  1. So cute! Love the pictures...your girls are growing up so fast! :)

  2. Your blog and photos an comments are SO uplifting! Thank you!
    (if this was FB, I would've commented on nearly every one)...they're all good.