The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 19, 2011

Preschool Picture Day!

It's Picture day...& what does that mean?  oh nothing really, just a reason to get pretty & brush the girls' hair  :-)
Since we had a few extra moments to spare before running out the door this AM, I decided to snap a few fun pics of my own.  hehe
posing on the pink circle chair...not exactly a smile from McKenzie, but hey, she's looking AT the camera and she's NOT not smiling.  hehe
Now if only I could get them to look my direction at the same time...hmmm.  Again, not a real smile  by Miss Macy...but, hey, it works for this momma!
This just about sums up their "relationship" I guess you could say.  ha!
 We moved outside for a quick "shoot" on the hay bail.  why not right?
so at least I got one really great shot from our morning "mini-session".
"hey sis, get over here...if I've gotta get my butt poked by these hay thingy's, then YOU DO TOO"
"There are you happy yet?"
"Okay, you got one, now let's go to school already!"

Does Kenzie look pleased back there or what?

 Now I'm excited to see how the pro at school was able to "capture" their beauty  :-)  I sure hope they behaved a little better for him!

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