The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Oct 1, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

Today was a perfect for the punkin' patch  :-)  After school and Speech Therapy got out, we ventured on over to Vala's with our good friends Jenn & Molly (Thanks for the tickets!!).
This place is incredible, over-stimulating (in a good way) and insane...a pumpkin patch on steroids...clearly the "DisneyWorld" of Pumpkin Patches.
As you can imagine...I snapped a few pics.
The girls ready to go!
Yep, I did what everyone else seems to be doing these days...plopped the kid in the middle of a million pumpkins.  Seemed like the appropriate thing to do...What else, after all, are pumpkins good for anyways?  hehe
Can ya just pose for a quick pic in front of the bridge...that'd be great  :-)
McKenzie trying the "help" as usual...YIKES!
Sister's like "dude, go away!"
Molly's wondering what the heck is going on here?

Kenzie riding on this really fun horse swing made out of tires.
 Okay - this next attraction was quite simply the coolest thing ever!  Macy wants her daddy to build one for her back yard...a humungous Sand (sans sand & substitute corn kernels) Box.
We could have hung out here all day...
she got a little "preview" of this the other day...when Sharon, her speech pathologist, brought over a big tub full of peas for some sensory play.  Macy LOVED this!  But it's got nothin' on this "Corn-box"...sorry Miss Sharon, I think you're going to have to bring a bigger tub for sensory play next time...girls got bigger expectations these days.  hehe

Even McKenzie was having a good time  :-)
Molly was next to get in.
HA!  yes, this is exactly what it looks like.  my baby's but.  She managed to bring some home with her.  Daddy found a little surprise in her diaper that evening...hehe
Here I am just trying to "exist" again...making a cameo in my own photos.  Thanks Jenn!
Corn Angels!
McKenzie loved it, but by the time I got the camera ready, Macy was so DONE with the horse...HA!  Love it  :-)
Miss Molly playing in the water.
She got soaked, but didn't seem to mind one bit...In fact I'd say she was quite pleased with her self.  :)
Child of the Corn...nice face.
oh wait, no.  THIS is the NICE face.  HA!  smug.
She just discovered the creepy scarecrow standing behind her...DUDE!
Molly steps in...Love this shot!  They are such little BIG girls!
okay - this little exchange cracks me up...Macy SWIPES Molly's leaf...
Molly, not phased one bit, bends down to grab another...but Macy feels bad & tries to give it back.
Molly gladly accepts and all is well once again in little girl land.  :-
McKenzie was excited about the "Mickey Mouse Club House" exhibit.
If Macy could talk, she'd be telling you how weird she thinks her sister is right now.  Kenzie was TOTALLY loving on Mickey.
Trying, once again to get a nice mommy & daughters shot...
I thought Mickey could deliver...problem was, Kenzie wanted to hug HIM, not ME.  :(
better luck next time...
I think they look like little dolly mannequins here.  ha
 Next I tried to do another shot everyone else and there mother seems to be doing these days...plop the little on the oversized rocking chair.  fun right?  
ummm, not so much according to Macy!
Girlfriend was NOT happy about this idea.
Mom, I am SOOO revoking your "Mother of the Year" nomination.  DONE!
Of course, Molly didn't seem to mind the fun chair and posed nicely for her momma.  hehe
 Jenn actually has some pics on her camera of the three of us sitting nicely in the chair, so I'll share that one some day  :-)
 Okay, so.  You want me to stand where?  Why?  and for how long?
"This is silly.  I am NOT doing this"
Ironically, the usually "uncooperative" big sis is playing along and posing nicely.
FINALLY, yay!  It only took the bribery of a cookie to achieve this award winner.
My girls are SOOO big  :-)
 Next we took a really fun train ride around the pumpkin patch.  The girls really dug this.  Jenn has some fun pics from this as well...will post another day  :-)

McKenzie loved climbing around on this play wooden train.
choo-choo!  chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga.
sweet Molly
good times.  good times!
more good times.  As you can see, the girl cracks herself up.
such the explorer.
Now that she's a FULL FLEDGED WALKER!, world around her is SOO much more interesting.
 pretty girl  :-)
 Big sis was such a big girl, she was awarded a giant pumpkin sucker.  It's going to take her a few weeks to finish this up.

Sorry for the "bombardment" of photos.  I wonder if, perhaps, someday I can be "that person" who goes some place and has the ability to just take ONE or even TWO pics.  I just do not have the discipline, or resistence...Maybe's just not in my DNA.  So here you have...I take TOO many it or leave...I can't help it...


  1. Great pics and summary of our fun, fun day! Molly had a good time with McKenzie & Macy -- and I enjoyed my "Sherri time". Let's not wait so long next time! :-)

  2. Fun pics!!! Funny, we were at Valas today and the place is so big I don't even recognize some of the things in your photos... And we we're there for 4 hours! Xoxo from the elsaesser girls!