The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 26, 2011

KPTM News at 9 pays us a visit

Here is the story that aired during the news last night!

The reporter, Meghan McRoberts came over around 1:00 yesterday afternoon and was very nice, we had a lot of fun.  Both Macy & McKenzie did a great job. Macy was especially hamming it up for the camera! surprise surprise right?
I wasn't sure how it was going to go as the interview took place right in the middle of Macy's regularly scheduled naptime...but she didn't seem to be too phased.
Funny thing.  I had the house 100% picked up and tidy, every toy PUT AWAY, it was lookin' good...but within minutes after the reporter's arrival, the girls were "unleashed" and started unloading the toys!  I was cringing the whole time, I just wanted the house to look clean for the TV interview (which lasted about an hour), but nope,  that was not to be.  geesh.   I guess it was okay as she said she wanted to get some footage of them playing and interacting comfortably in their natural setting...hehe
You should know, Macy has turned into quite the MESS MONSTER as of late.  Throwing her toys all over the place, ALL the TIME!  While I am proud, impressed and happy that she LOVES to play with her toys, she has QUITE the imagination already, this could start to get exhausting after a while.

Joe and I were at Larry and Sharon's home for Dinner last evening. Several of my new co-workers were there. The party was just starting to wind down around 9:00pm, the start of the news, so everyone moved indoors and we had a viewing party of sorts. It was really fun :-)

A special thanks to Meghan and KPTM Fox 42 for taking the time to focus on our story. It means a lot to us as well as the rest of our Down Syndrome community!

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  1. Great job! Macy is just too adorable, too - a little star!!