The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 22, 2011

A boy and his dog

My husband is such a good sport.  The other day I was setting up our indoor "studio" (aka - move the kitchen table, open the windows and walla, you've got a natural light photo studio!) for a Senior photo session...with Miss Kirsten.
I asked Joe to simply stand in front the backdrop while I get my camera settings adjusted etc...he reluctantly agreed to play along.  Like I said before, what a good sport!  :-)
It was not my intention to actually save these pics, but Toby wanted to join in the "fun" as well, so they accidentally turned out kinda cute.  
(Joe - please don't kill me, bahaha)

I think I might title this series "A Man and his Best Friend" or "The Men of the Harnisch House" or "My Handsome Husband and his Canine Companion" or "Boy and his Dog".  whatever...
oh & thought I would throw in one of me real quick...hehe.
 Poor Toby doesn't find himself in many pics these days.  But he as much a member of our family as the next person.  We are so blessed to have such amazingly sweet doggie  :-)  He is so good with and just LOVES our girls to pieces (and visa-versa).


Yesterday, Joe and I celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary.  
I made this a few months ago and do not think I have shared it on the blog yet

He had some pretty flowers sent to my office at work...whata man...and then he treated me to a delightfully romantic dinner at "The Oasis".  It's a new place in town.
Don't be fooled.  This was not exactly an intimate, gourmet dining experience.  A meal in the fellowship Hall with 150+ of our closest friends is part of our Wednesday family church night festivities at Bethany.  :-)  The girls didn't want to miss out.

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