The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 7, 2011

An Apple Pickin' good time!

Our friend Sarah invited us to her grandparents home near Raymond, NE to pick some apples on Sunday.  Of course, we took her up on the offer, sounded like fun to me.
Several of us families "caravaned" out there.  Our jaws dropped upon arriving at their beautiful property which spans across a couple hundred acres.  The winding lane, gorgeous home, big red barns, pool, llamas, grape vineyards, apple trees, peach trees and various other fruit trees were very inviting.  Not to mention, her grandparents, Jim & Neeney were super sweet and very hospitable.  To top it off, the weather was beyond perfect!!
trying to pose for a quick family pic
you think both girls are capable of looking at the camera at the same time?  not so much.  hehe
Thanks Sarah :)
We rode the hayrack back into the Orchard.  The girls LOVED it.  They (and all the kids) had a lot fun!
Kenzie in search of the perfect apple.
Macy didn't pick too many apples, but she did improve her grass-walking skills.  woohoo!
She found a good one :-)
"I'm gonna keep it and put in my pocket"
The girl LOVES apples.  She held one tight to it and ate that same apple for nearly an hour.  ha!  good to know.
I like how Macy is watching her big sis very closely here.
check out all those kiddos picking apples in the orchard.  awesome!
Macy watches her friend Mia pick some good apples
In case you can't tell...she thinks Mia is pretty special  :-)
Apparently it's not all fun and games...ask the girl to look at the camera for one second and you get this response.  "I'm busy mom, can't I  just check out the tractor without you buggin' me a pic.
NOT happy.  oh my!

in front of some grape vines.
got it!
Sadly, The battery died on my camera so I was unable to take photos of the rest of our hayrack ride throughout their gorgeous property...I was bummed as the views were stunning!  Plus Sarah's grandma had arranged for a wonderful picnic with all the fixins.  It was delightful.  The best part of the picnic was watching Macy sit ALL by herself at the picnic table and eat her food (and then some) all gone.  What a big girl she is becoming (correction - has become!)

I stole these pics below from Sarah, they are great so I just wanted to share them too  :-)
 My neighbor Cheryl picking Chase up so he can reach the apples.
Cheryl - this is a BEAUTIFUL photo of you  :-)
everyone piling on the hayrack.
Sarah's daughter has her arms full!
Sarah snuck a sweet photo of Macy and I playing catch with an apple  :-)
What a fun time had by all...I am now SOOO ready for Fall!

feel free to check out this website for more information regarding Sarah's families wine business.

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