The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 6, 2011

Pre-school Open House

Tomorrow is the big day.  Both McKenzie & Macy's first day of pre-school is tomorrow.
They each had their pre-school open houses last week.  I feel like a bad mom, I did not even take a single picture of Kenzie on her big day...but, in my defense, she's been there before.
She got her own pre-school "open house" blog entry last year!

I did however, take a few snapshots of my little Miss Macy.  hehe
Macy tries big sisters back-pack on for size.
"What do you think?  Does it make my butt look big?"
"Big?" I say..."non-existent perhaps".
She's not quite ready for a back-pack...she did JUST learn how to walk afterall.  How about she masters that before hauling around a bag half her size.  :-)
 Macy was able to tag along for Kenzie's open-house the night before...but I thought it would be special for this night to be all about her (for once).  So G&G Harnisch came over (as Joe was out of town) and Kenzie was pretty excited about having them all to herself.  :-)
 Macy made herself RIGHT AT HOME as we walked into her classroom.  She "worked the room" like a PR queen at a cocktail party.  She pretty much wrote me off and could care less if I stayed or went.
She went right on over and played with all the other "big-kids".  Stole a truck from Beckett (the cute, and much older, blonde neighbor boy).  He tried to take it back, but she held her own.  ha!
 She then walked right over and "introduced" herself to some other new "school friends".  And by introduce, I mean barged into their "play-space" stealing their chicken.
"mmmm.  me likes me some fried chicken"
 All I could do was just stand back and watch the drama unfold.  Afterall, she's usually the one getting things taken away from her (goes with the territory of being the younger sibling - I know first-hand.  ha!)  Rather than reprimand, and teach her proper "friend.making.etiquette." I found myself impressed, pleased and plain-flat PROUD of my!  :-)  Just look at her fitting right in!  That's ALL we ever want for our kiddos isn't it?
My friend Amy has twin girls, Harper & Reese, who are in Macy's class.  Are they adorable or what?  So, naturally, we try to get them all together for a quick pic...this is as good as it was gonna get. We tried, maybe we'll have better luck next time.  ha!  Plus, I love how their big brother Beckett crashed the photo right as I snapped the pic.  sweet.  hehe
Macy showing me the picture she colored at the table...aka...crumpled up into a little ball.  ha!
I've gotta say, I was SOOO darned proud watching climb right into that big kid chair ALL BY HERSELF.  It took her a few minutes, but she did it by-golly.  ALL BY HERSELF.  And she was quite impressed with her accomplishment.  She sat in that chair and just looked around, watching all the other kids playing around her.  aww, my little "people-watcher".  Momma's so proud!!!
Her friend Harper comes over and offers her an ice cream cone.  HOW SWEET!
THIS is the look of a happy kid, who is VERY much ready for pre-school to begin.  Just look at all those teefers she's got now  :-)
She was excited to come home and tell G&G Harnisch all about her new pre-school!
 I was not worried one bit about how she'd do.  Little Miss Macy is our outgoing.not.afraid.of.anything.dare.devil.  Not sure if I'm happy about this or not.  But it's true, she's the one that I need to watch out for.  McKenzie is shy, quiet, reserved and rarely leaves my side in public.  Yes, I wish she'd break out of that shell a bit, but at least I do not have to worry about her bolting and getting lost at Target, etc...Macy, on the other hand.  I may have to put a leash on that girl.  And pre-school was certainly no excpetion.  hehe

It makes me feel REALLY good that she is able to attend Bethany Lutheran Preschool.  Even if it is just one day a week.  The requirement for this "Kid Day Out" program was to be 18 months before July.  She JUST made the cut, where do I sign her up!?  
She may a learn a few things, pick up some bad habits, get in some extra chapel time...but most importantly interact with other kiddos.  Typical kiddos.  She has a few other pre-school offerings, of the special-ed variety, that she'll be exporing soon, in addition to her early intervention therapies, OT, PT, Speech, etc.  It's important that we maintain a good balance.  And by "good balance", I mean "more alike than different".  She's a normal toddler, who wants to do normal toddler things.  So that's all she knows!  That's all anyone around her knows.  Her "typical-ness" continues to amaze me every day!  I am NOT in a hurry for my baby-girl to grow up.  I cry myself to sleep sometimes just thinking about how I want her to stay this age forever.
 But, as the saying goes "Don't let the fears of tomorrow rob you from the joys of today" - Kelle Hampton.  

So I won't.  I am soakin' it up baby!

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