The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 18, 2011

First day of Tap & Ballet

Big sister was so excited to finally get to wear those brand new ballet shoes, tap shoes, leotard, tutu & pink tights that have been sitting in the drop zone cubby and taunting her for the past month.  Dance class has begun so she gets to wear the "new/special" stuff  :-)  She has been wearing hand-me-down dance outfits around the house and practicing with Angelina Ballerina and Bella Bella Dancerella.  They've taught her some good moves, but now she's ready to learn from the pros!

She and cousin Anna are in the same class (go figure) and attend the same "school of dance" that my sisters and I attended when we were teeny-boppers.  
McKenzie refusing to pose by the studio's front door for that predictable "first day of dance class" shot...DON'T SMILE BACK THERE KENZIE!  tear.
at least cousin Anna was willing to entertain me with a smile.  That'll work!  As you can see McKenzie is still keeping a safe distance from the camera.
Her and Anna showing their matching ballet outfits off to each other for the first time  :-)
checking themselves out in the mirror.  ha!
They got to move up to the big studio.  oooh.  special!  Here they are.  All doing such a great job.  making noises with their tap shoes.
these pics did not turn out too bad considering I was shooting through a glass window & mini-blinds.  :)  yes, I was THAT mom...but in my defense, I was NOT the only one!  hehe
Little Miss Macy watches through the window.  Just dreaming of her day to dance...soon enough girl-friend, you'll get your chance!!  She's already working on her fancy moves.  Girl's got some rhythm  :-)  She can twirl, shake her bootie and shimmy her shoulder to the beat with the rest of em!  Give her an iPod qued up to some "Dynamite" and watch her go!!  video I'm sure is soon to come.  stay tuned.
fun with bubbles!

check out the trouble this little stinker-butt got herself into!  She made herself right at home in these wall cubbies.  Just her size.  HA!  Love it  :-)

Ooops, when I wasn't looking sister snagged somebody else's water bottle.  ooops.  sorry 'bout that!

I've gotta say it was extremely heart-warming to sit back and watch Kenzie having a genuinely good time.  She was in her element.  Was at ease and smiling the whole time!  She has had a sort of intense shyness about her lately.  Not wanting to go to school or even play with friends...Negotiations at home have been especially brutal...She has also been very grumpy, irritable and hard to please lately.  Not sure if this is just a 4-yr old phase, if she's getting sick (she is still trying to recover from a week's long illness since that first dance class  :-(  ).  Whatever it is, I hope she snaps out of this four year old funk SOON!  To make matters worse her excema/dermatitis has been acting up and this time it has targeted her face (nowhere else on her little body - just her beautiful face  :-(  ).  Her poor cheeks and chin are ALL red, blotchy and itchy.  Poor thing has been scratching the heck out of it, until the point that it starts to bleed.  I think I tell her to "stop scratching" about every 10's getting old and very frustrating.  My heart aches for her  :-(  We continue our cream and meds regimine...but we'll see what her docs tell us (yet again) this it seems to have taken on a new level of "severeness" as of late.  I just pray that soon her skin will calm down and just be comfortable for her.  No wonder she's been crabby, I would be too if I was literally "uncomfortable in my own skin".

She had a fun time at dance class again yesterday (minus the itching of her face every few minutes)...she finally felt "not-too sick to go anywhere", it has been a LONG week of fevers & coughing in the Harnisch house.   

but I think we are all better now...looking forward to a great week, full of health for the Harnisches :-)

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