The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 16, 2011

Momma has a new gig

These last few weeks have been crazy busy (currently we are on day 5 of battling illness to all members of the Harnisch House - ugggh)...between pre-school, Macy's therapy sessions, Mom's Group (of which I am a Care Team Leader), Kenzie's ballet & tap, volleyball, bunco, cook club, DSSM coffee, Oasis, Sunday School, I'd say we are settling right back into our "back-to-school" routine nicely!
Oh and...

I HAVE A NEW JOB!  I suppose since I am about three weeks in & it has been made "facebook" official this morning, I should blog about it!  :-)
Just a little over a year ago I was blogging about saying goodbye to my career and accepting the new role of CFO at Harnisch, Inc. - making the decision to become a full-time stay-at-home mom was not easy to arrive at.
The girls and I have been keeping VERY busy this past year, rarely a day has gone by without some sort of activity in the calendar.  I would PRAISE those rare days we could just sit at home and be lazy (usually this was because they were under the weather - an added benefit to being sick, I like to think this is God's way of telling us to take it easy).  For this reason, I resisted calling myself "a stay-at-home" mom.  I am a "kickin' it with my girls" momma!
While I have LOVED and TREASURED this quality time with my precious littles, I have still not been able to shut my mind off.  I have continued to have this craving to DO something, try to feel as though I "accomplished" something, have something "tangible" to show for my day, needing to always "scratch my creative-itch".
Though it was not part of the plan, I did find myself, accidentally, starting up a couple little side businesses.  "Sherri Harnisch Picture Taker" & "Sherri Harnisch Video Maker".
ha!  ooops. 
I think I just might be failing at this "stay-at-home" mom biz.
I think God knew it too.  I strongly feel as though there was some sort of divine intervention at work here. A few weeks ago, Martha called me out of the blue.  She is the Director of Communications at Bethany Lutheran Church.  The church we have been members at for eight+ years. 
She had an interesting proposition for me.  She thought of me for a new position they were creating...I have been volunteering for a lot of stuff lately, have attended many meetings and have voiced many opinions/ideas, etc...Apparently she found me to be "creative", "organized" and "enthusiastic".  These are the words she used.  They stuck with me...I thought that was very sweet of her to say.  So if nothing else came of this job proposition, I was at least flattered by those remarks.
She described a position at which I could utilize my creative talents, while working 10-15 hours per week.  The hours would be "somewhat" flexible.  I would have my own office at the church, while having the ability to work from home much of the time as well.  Oh & did I mention that Bethany is just a couple blocks from my house?!  Literally, in my neighborhood!
SO...hmmm.  let me think about this?  1) flexible hours 2) have an office 3) get paid to be creative 4) have a reason to get a little break from my girls (and them from me).
Sound a little too good to be true??  Sign me up! 
While I promised myself that I would not return to the workforce until my heart was 100% ready.  I feel this is only fair to myself, my family as well as my future employer.  While my heart may not 100% ready at this time, I do feel that this is a 100% wonderful compromise.  I thought long and prayed hard regarding this.  Is this the right thing to do?  At this time?...after much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that it was.  I am still able to put my family's needs FIRST, but will be able to get out of the house and regain a bit of sanity while "at the office"
I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  God has a purpose and plan for everything and everyone.  I know in my heart-of-hearts that this is what he feels is best for me at this time.  I feel blessed and fortunate to have the opportunity!  I hope to do right by him as I serve my community well in this regard.

My job is in the area of Worship Arts.  I attend the weekly worship leader & staff meetings (which I actually find to be quite enjoyable and fulfilling) to get the "rundown/inside track" of upcoming services & events.  Once this information is obtained and gathered, I can proceed with producing slides and media for Bethany's Contemporary worship services.  I have access to thousands of beautiful images and photographs to help illustrate the music and messages.  My work is then displayed on the big screens every Wednesday & Sunday  :-)  I am also the leader of the Visual Tech team who is responsible for manning the media booth during services.  We have a wonderful and loyal team of volunteers already in place.  Looking forward to getting to know and work along side these individuals more.  I also get to do a bit of video editing...
I enjoy my gig at making the worship services easier for the congregation to relate to, follow/sing along, all the while making it an all-together AESTHETICALLY PLEASING experience.  :-)
I also love getting a sneak peek at the pastor's sermons each week.  I am able to read through their notes/outlines (so that I can illustrate their messages appropriately).  I read through them several times, they are always wonderful.  Then, listening to them deliver the message during service allows me to simply connect further and deeper with their words on a much more spiritual and fulfilling way.  Makes it sync in more...This is definitely my most favorite part! 

That's it in a nutshell.

I am proud and honored to be working for a great company with a good solid mission & purpose.  Bethany is a faith community with 2000+ members and is part of the ELCA.  
The other people who work at Bethany are really nice, good people, and super fun!  I experienced my first bethany Food day a few days ago.  Which apparently happens once a month.  This is a pot-luck style luncheon and was AWESOME.  Made me feel right at home.  Can you tell I love food?  :-)

The girls get to, once again, go to Joy's daycare a couple times a week.  This is where they went prior to me staying-home.  They LOVE it there and Joy is so sweet, sincere and genuinely loves all the kiddos she watches.   We are blessed to have her in our lives!!  
Also - since both girls just happen to attend pre-school there, and they are both in session Wednesday mornings...since I am there dropping them off & picking them up anyways, I might as well stick around and do some work in my office while I'm at it.  TOO perfect!

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