The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Sep 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day Weekend was spent primarily at the lake.  Which was nice and relaxing.  We smam, played some card games, watched college football, I even got some good reading in. 
Before heading out to Woodcliff, I swung by and picked up my neices Ash & Autumn & their bro Mason.  I had them for a few days, while their mom & dad enjoyed an "adult only" weekend getaway.  Good for them right!?  :-)
They are sweet kids and I was super excited to have them stay with us!

The weekend was mostly over-cast and slightly "fall-like".  Which was awesome.  I am SOO ready for sweat-shirt & jeans weather.
Kenzie, Ashlynn & Autumn get some swimmin' in before the evening rain storm.
Mason says "Whatch-you lookin' at woman?"
spinnin' her round & round'
 McKenzie was pretty excited to have her "Harnisch" cousins out to the lake with her!!  :-)
Macy getting in some quality "swing time".
she knows that Grandpa would push her all day if she asked him to.  He's a sucker like that.  hehe
higher.  FASTER!  Like I said in a previous post, this girl's our little dare-devil.  She loves having the wind blow in her hair.  The lake is right up her ally...from swingin', to golf-cart ridin', to cruisin' in the boat, this babes got it made.  :-)
not quite sure about this standing along in the water thing just yet.
but she sure does like to splish & splash!

The girls with their husker gear on the next morning.  GO BIG RED!!
Ash & Autumn feeding (stuffing) the ducks.  "want a cracker?...or 97?"   hehe  No wonder they keep comin' back
what sweeties!  I could just keep 'em.
Colton, and cousin Kevin (from the Lee side), built quite the sand castle city.  It was super impressive!
Macy & Grandpa doin' what they do best...takin' a nap on the beach.
And yet again, some more napping.
 This is precisely why I got some good reading in.  Macy was napping with Grandpa and Kenzie was delightfully entertained by her cousins and other "lake stuff".  NICE!

What Husker game day would be complete without a face tattoo and red finger nails.  Luckily, Macy has some good aunts who are looking after her.
She had an audience.  :-)
We spent the second half of Saturday at G&G Harnisches house, where we watched some more football and swapped out some kids.  It was an enjoyable evening, followed by a bon-fire at the neighbors house. 

The rest of the weekend was much of the same.  More family members came out, but we mostly just chilled and watched the kids play.

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