The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 17, 2011

A beautiful November afternoon in NE

After a busy morning of work, photo editing, pre-school , speech & OT - the girls and I decided to have a low-key lazy afternoon in the backyard.  Mother Nature blessed us with some uncommonly warm November temps, so we took FULL advantage.  
Plus, McKenzie (my "") had a wild hair idea.  She picked out special outfits for her and Macy and told me that I should go get my camera.  OKAY!  Sounds like fun to me  :-)
So this little impromptu mini-shoot was ALL her idea!

I clearly did not get the "silly-face" memo.

awww.  she's smiling for A camera.
"I had a Little Turtle - his name was Tiny Tim - I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim"

"He ate up all the water - he ate up all the soap"
"He tried to eat the bathtub - but it wouldn't fit down his throat!"
Bubble Bubble Bubble - Bubble Bubble Bubble - Bubble Bubble Bubble....
POPPPP!  he fave part
She always applauds her impressive performances  :-)

Love those tosies.
what a goof!
next she wanted to try for a more serious, grown-up pose.
SLOW DOWN GIRL!  You're growing up too fast for me  :-)

McKenzie blocking Macy..."Okay momma, it's my turn"
These girls ARE my whole world.
chillin' in big sister's club house
Kenzie took this one and I didn't even know it.  FUNNY.
Kids with magnifying glasses crack me UP!
goin' down the big slide.
my bue-eyed beauty
Macy climbing up her "big girl" slide.
big sis watches and cheers her on from above.
such my brave little girl

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