The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 4, 2011

Preschool Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade at Pre-school!!
sitting in the prayer garden right before the parade - Macy wore her sister's old puppy dog costume for the pre-school parade.
It's about to begin, everyone take your places!
Macy had the best seat in the house
Here they come...loved all the adorable and super creative costumes
can you see her crazy orange hair yet?
there she is!
 She and I picked out a really cute pink super girl costume (complete with a cape & boots), but she insisted on being the candy-corn again this year.  okay kid. whatever keeps you happy  :-)
she had the wave she's trying to keep her hair on.

what a cute little princess.
Mrs. Shipe getting the kids situation for a class photo.  Macy is pointing us out to her.
impressive that they all stood still for so long staring into the bright sunshine.
ooops.  She is wearing sisters puppy gloves.  oh well...I really didn't care.
stinker butt!
singing a halloween song before heading inside
We had a few minutes before Macy's Speech therapist was due to why not pose for a few pics before her "look" falls apart!
whope.  That didn't take  she is taking off the ears for the nineteenth time of the morning.  Oh & it's only 9am I might add.
there it goes..."all-done" she signed after throwing her hat off.
Itsy bitsy spider distracted her and got her mind off the hat for a few seconds so momma can attempt another shot.
I guess it's "eat time" now.
ha, the little daredevil stood up in the adirondack chair, but now she's stuck.  Whatchya gonna do about it?
After the preschool parade & speech therapy...the girls and I visited daddy's office & had a little parade.  Followed by a visit to Grandma Lee over at Boystown.   And since we were out & about, all dressed up and in the neighborhood, we stopped over to Aunt Keri's work too.  Fun, busy day!

Now, home for a nap before the REAL Halloween festivities are to begin  :)

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