The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Nov 4, 2011

Trunk or Treat 2011

Last Wednesday, the girls participated in their first "Trunk or Treat" up at Bethany.  What a fun time and great turnout.  There were nearly 50 trunks.  Not bad for the church's first annual event  :-)
It was a little chilly, but what else do you expect for late October Nebraska weather?
Macy with the Witt kids (Dylan, Dalton &Danielle) - she was waaay more interested in checking out the pirate than looking at the camera.
kitty-cat on the run!
That's just might be one of the best McKenzie shots I got of the night.
Macy checking herself kitty-cat self in the mirror
I think she likes what she sees.  :-) 
ooooooo face.
kind of blurry, but a really sweet sister moment none-the-less.  McKenzie was saying to her "Macy, you are a cat, your big sis Kenzie wore this when she was a baby just like you.".   awww. :)
Macy chit-chattin' with her pre-school teacher...Pirate Paula.
One of the favorite "Trunk or treat" attractions that Macy kept going back to...I think she really liked that dog!
Macy was really trying to figure out that mummy on the bike.  She waving to it, dancing and trying to get her to smile.
Kenzie in the foreground....starting to get colder.
The spider grabbing a handful of candy from the Witt "trunk".
In case you're wondering what's taking place here...Macy HAD stop to check her reflection out in ALL the dark shiny vehicles. 
These purple streamers were also a big hit for her.
The neighbor kids (Lauren, Hannah & Dylan) check out the kitty-cat.  Dylan won for best kid costume kid.  His homemade robot get-up was AWESOME!

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