The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 19, 2012

DC West Down Syndrome Awareness Walk

Remember a few months back I was telling you about a local high school student who was taking on Down Syndrome Awareness for her Senior Project?  Well, as part of her overall project, she will be giving a final presentation next week (which I am looking forward to seeing) and she had to put together an event.  The event she coordinated was a DS Awareness Walk which took place in Waterloo on the bike trail.  She had a good turnout of family and friends.  I helped promote the event in my circles as well...  It was an awesome day!!  Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the hot 90 degree day.  What a great cause and wonderful reason to go for a stroll  :-)
Victoria, me & Macy at the park where we gathered prior to the start of the walk  :-)

silly Macy.
Vicki has enlisted in the Navy and will be off to Boot camp just a couple months after graduation.  Wishing her the BEST of luck as she serves to protect our countries freedoms.
a FAMILY picture where everyone is smiling.  :-)  Next on the list - facing the camera - can't have it all right?
The Eggen, Hays and kovar boys showed up to show their support for Down Syndrome awareness.  AWESOME!
A couple of their momma's (and my friends) Kristi & Corissa.  Thanks for walking with us ladies  :-)
My lovely nieces Ashlynn and Autumn brought a couple of their neighborhood friends.  SO SWEEET!
Macy's cousin Mason
Yep, this is what it looks like...those crazy boys are STRETCHING!  Taking this 2-mile pretty seriously.
big boy kicks.
My niece Erika and her good friend Jonathon.
WITT FAMILY! (minus Dylan who had an event at church) Dalton, Heather, Chad & Danielle
Hi Anna.
Shelly & Macy...I was far away, I don't think she knew her picture was being taken  :-)
Vicki about to make some final announcements before the walk was to begin.
My sister Lisa and her family!  Ally, Jim & Brook
Looks like Macy is entertaining the big girls.  :-)
HA!  Love it  :-) know you can't believe a word she says right?
What a silly story-teller she is.  She might not be "verbal" just yet, but boy is she expressive...she gets her point across...girl-friend can tell a good, usually overly-animated, but good story.  :-)
Krazy Kenzie, jumping in front of the camera as I am trying to take cousin Ashlynn's picture.

Once Kenzie got out of the way, I was able to finally get a cute shot of Dakota & Ashlynn  :-)
Autumn and her friend  :-)
Let's get this walk started!
the walk started at the Water tower park
Mason is riding in style...I think her slept the WHOLE way!
took us past the Waterloo Fire Station
up over the train tracks
over near the middle school
past the Early Education building
Around the Rob-see-co pond.
walking towards the Elkhorn river - near Maple Street
Walking the trail along the river...
everyone spread out nicely and walked at their own leisurely pace.
Anna didn't want her baby doll to miss out.
Vicki stayed at the end making sure everyone was okay...and taking lots of pictures of her own  :-)
Ally runs away as Anna (as usual) stops for a pose.  LOVE THAT GIRL!
My dad parked one of the fire department trucks at the half-way point...he figured this would be a good point for a water break...and HE WAS RIGHT!!  Good call dad  :)
pretty spot on the trail overlooking the Elkhorn river  :-)
This "half-way" point also served as a great place to ditch the tired kiddos.  They jumped in and hitched a ride back to the park...
any opportunities to stop for a pic with a windmill in the background...pretty sure I'm gonna take it.  hehe
Another water truck stop!  Colton and the big boys back-tracking for some more  :-)
back across the train tracks towards the park where the walk began.
Heather, Macy and Danielle extended the walk and took the trail back to my parents house...Dani finishes strong!!  atta girl  :-)
Such a beautiful and wonderful day!  It warmed my heart that so many people took time out of their busy schedules to support this worthy cause.  :-)
Thanks to all who came out!!  And best of luck to Victoria as she prepares for her final presentation next week, I'm sure she's going to do great!

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