The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 19, 2012

Easter 2012!

The 2012 Easter season has come and gone...but the sacred celebration of Christ's resurrection from the dead does not only happen during this Easter "season", we must continue to be be thankful and grateful for His sacrifice each and every day!  He is the true miracle of Easter.  We owe Him EVERYTHING! 

I was born & raised in the Catholic church.  I recall being told this amazing story of Jesus from a very young age.  But, to be honest, it was not until this year that I truly connect and genuinely FEEL the amazing love our good Lord Jesus has for us.  I am deeply humbled. 
Being exposed to this story from different angles & perspectives has opened my heart and allowed me to more fully grasp the true meaning of Easter.
Sure, being that I am now an employee of the church has helped.  This was my first Easter season...and wow, who'd a thought it would have been so busy.  I have always taken "church" for granted.  Church was always a place I just showed up and "it" would happen.  It is now that I truly realize all the hard work and dedication that goes into ALL aspects of our worship going experience.  A lot of behind the scenes prep work is involved.  Christmas, Lent & Holy Week have been especially inspiring for me this year.  Each and every message has moved me beyond words.  The music speaks to me different than it EVER has before...I quite simply, am unable to comprehend and translate all that I have learned these last few months.  For this, I am grateful!
Sure, I learned a lot from our ministry teams at our church.  But, actually, the person who has taught me the most (or I guess spoke to me the loudest and most clear) McKenzie.  I CANNOT believe all the wonderful knowledge this girl has obsorbed at school (which includes pre-school, Sunday School & Bethany Buddies).  Our girl, who usually has a short attention span and is known for "spacing off", clearly did not just sit in class and hear her teachers speak...she retained the message, brought it home and SHARED the good news with me and those around her.  She GETS it!  And I could not be more proud to be her momma :-)
here's one of the wonderful stories that she came home from school with.  Each plastic egg is filled with an object that represents an important symbol of the Easter story.  She enthusiastically told the story behind each object  :-)  She wanted to take this egg carton EVERYWHERE!  So she pretty much did  :-)  She was especially excited when she got to the shiny purple egg...IT WAS EMPTY!...which was representative of Jesus' empty tomb.
________________________ now to some photos of our family celebrations this past weekend!

We were out at the lake Friday & Saturday.  G&G Lee had all the kiddos sleepover Friday night so that we could attend the Passion Walk & Good Friday service in peace and silence.  Since Joe and I found ourselves "kid-less" we had a date-night and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at my all-time FAVORITE place ever...Jaipur.  mmmm
I could not help but notice the beautiful Tulips in full bloom at the entrance of Woodcliff.
so would appear that I pulled the car over and plopped Macy down in the beautiful Tulip landscape...I mean, wouldn't you??  hehe
at first she was more interested in the mulch tickling her toes than the Tulips...
but eventually they caught her eye  :-)
In case you are not aware of the significance of Tulips - and how they "kind of" relate to Down this..."Welcome to Holland Poem"
The Easter Bunny made a few visits to the cabin...first on Friday, he brought all the kids a BUNCH of awesome sand toys...then again on Saturday for a traditional "egg hunt" with all the Salisbury clan.  :-)

Sunday morning, our girls arose to find that Easter Bunny had once again paid them a visit...this time to their house!!
As luck would have it...the Easter Bunny received my internal requests...the silent plea for "less is more in the area of candy" that is.  What a Rabbit, I mean Bunny, whatever!
Macy really got a kick out of this wind-up bunny rabbit toy  :-)
I know some of you would appreciate seeing Macy "all-natural", bright & early first thing in the morning.  So here she is in all her boogie-eyed, snot-nosed, hair-in-the-face GLORY!  Aunt Heather - This one's for you  :-)
All cleaned up and ready for church!
me and my angels
Macy's like "let's GO already"  :-)
After church we met up with all the Harnisches for a nice brunch at Charelstons.  I'm STILL full!  :-)

The it was back to our house for the egg hunt!
surprise surprise, McKenzie made her way to the FRONT of the line!

Big sis helping the little make a "silly" face,  nice!
After the hunt we enjoyed each other's company for the remainder of the day...celebrated Harrison's two-year Birthday!  And watched the Masters.  :-)
Aunt Jess got this shot with her phone  :-) ha!

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