The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Apr 19, 2012

DSA Easter Egg Hunt

The Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands G.R.A.N.D.S group (Grandparents respecting and nurturing Down Syndrome) put on one heck of an Easter Egg Hunt a few weeks ago.  This was the inaugural they are already making plans on how to make next years better.  I've gotta say though, this year will most certainly be hard to top...billions of eggs, tons of families, over a hundred smiling faces and BEAUTIFUL weather!  How could you go wrong?
Next years got some big shoes to fill  :-)
Macy has ARRIVED and ready to get this hunt started!!  :-)
Harper hunting with her mommy & daddy
Bella and Gavin racing up the big kid slide.
Beautiful Claire  :)

Is he adorable or what?
diggin' in the sand.
Justin getting up close & personal
I think Bella's basket is getting a little HEAVY!  not a bad problem to have  :-)

"Gramps...just OPEN it!  trust's not know you wanna"
Sweet Wesley hunting with his Daddy.
uh oh...Owen, better watch out...swiper Macy's on the prowl.
"can you hear it in there?"
Macy an Owen spot the golden egg & race for it.  "back off Lady"  HA!
Kenzie's is full and so were ALL the other baskets of ALL the other kids.  SUCCESS!
uh oh...Macy's back to her old tricks again.  SWIPER, no SWIPING!
"Now you see you don't"
my girl  :-)
Harper checkin' out her loot.
handsome Ryan showing me what's in his egg.  :)
Justin with his Grandpa - I LOVED seeing all the grandparents interact with their littles.  SO SWEET!
Mom & McKenzie claiming their prize.  Everyone left the hunt with a special prize from the prize table.
Bailey & her poppa  :-)
Blake searching for the last of the eggs...
"look grandma, it's a puppet!"
I think Macy is signing "more" here.  kid, your basket is FULL to the you're just gettin' greedy.
Austin dreaming about next years hunt, when he'll be just a little bit bigger to actually join in the fun.
Will swingin' high on the swing.
Vollen, Macy & Grandpa hanging out having a good time...
when all the sudden Macy decides she doesn't want to share her Grandpa anymore.  She pushes Vollen away,  Such a Meany.
Big sis Kenzie comes over to break up the quarrel.
ha, I love this...apparently Kenzie was going to slow...
so Alex gets right in there and CUTS HER OFF!
Go Alex Go.
Looks like you hot her beat.  :-)
A little bit of Blake swinging action.
beautiful blue skies...and Blake's still looking straight into the camera.  I want to bring him home!
Sweet Chloe watches the big kids climb on the jungle gym above her  :-)
say "cheese"
The Rudiger twins  :-)
As you could imagine...Macy did not want to hold still for the picture...little stinker!  :(  hehe
Macy and Justin building sand castles
And her big baby sister Brooke
oh & her "wormy" brother Ryan.  :-)  love that "he's up to somethin'" face
Jenna pushing her baby bro Justin on the swing. 
so sweet.
and...she's OUT!
bye Bailey!
McKenzie had SUCH a fun time!
A big thanks to the G.R.A.N.D.S. group for all the time and energy they so lovingly poured into making this wonderful event happen.  You all ROCK!!

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