The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 3, 2012

2-yr Party decor & new photo wall

We just got home from church (I had to run the media booth during both services - turns out it's difficult to find volunteers on New Year's morning :-), the girls are at the lake with G&G Lee.  3 hours till Macy's 2 yr B-Day party...some major house cleaning needs to happen before our 40 closest family members arrive.
I put up some decorations...
Due to the fact that a large portion of our invited guests are under 6, it made sense to cater heavily to their snacking needs.
Okay, decorations? check.  So now perhaps we should be dusting, vaccuming, folding laundry, preparing the party food, getting out the beverages or at least getting dressed???  naaa, looks like I'd much rather "unnecessarily" rearrange our picture frames.
This has been something I've wanted to do for quite some time.  Round up all the random frames we have hung on various walls throughout the house and bring them together, creating one cohesive unit.  Not sure why I got the itch to do it at this most inopportune time?  But I did, so my husband happily (at least he pretended to happily) help.  It was definitely a two person job!  We used a level and tried to follow the rules associated with a photo wall collage of this kind...
Here's the final product!
This is the front room...the area on the main level that we have allowed the girls to takeover.

Aside from the cheap 3M velcro-adhesives thingies we purchased to hang them, there were no other costs associated with our little project, being that we already had the frames hanging in other areas of the house  :-)  NICE!
I even made my first posting...check it out... have two "likes.  ha!

We started at 1:00pm, it was 2:59 when we attached the final frame.  2 hours?!  yikes.  I guess we underestimated the time component a bit.  But we finished in the nick of time, just as our first guests were arrving.  hehe

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