The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 2, 2012

Christmas Day

After a busy and "on-the-go" Pre-Christmas season, we were more than pleased to have NO CALENDAR ENTRIES on Christmas Day.  We arose slowly, enjoyed a yummy bacon, eggs, hash browns & toast breakfast.  G&G Lee stopped over bright & early to witness the excitement on our littles faces when they walked down stairs to find that Santa had come.  Due to our lack of agenda for the day, we allowed the girls to take their time & stretch the gift opening portion of the morning out - nearly two hours.

As the late & wise Andy Rooney once said:   
"One of the most glorious messes in the world is created in the living room on Christmas Day.  Don't clean it up too quickly."

We didn't.
 here's the progression of our day in photographs.
Sooo, interestingly enough...the girls came down would think they would b-line over to the tree to check out the goods.  But, nope, not my girls.  They got distracted in the front room and had to play with baby Jesus first.  Thanks Leonard for the very thoughtful gift last week.  How'd you know the girls would love it!?    :)
After about 10 minutes of Nativity time, they finally decided they were ready to open some present. 
Rise & Shine sweet baby Jesus!  It's morning and Santa Claus came to visit!

"Here Grandma, you rock baby Jesus"...."like this"
The lonely presents patiently waiting for their turn.
"Okay we can start Christmas morning now...but the three wise men & Joseph want to come too."
'Here Grandma, you hold him, keep him safe and be careful."
Let's get this party started!
oooo, big sis got some new kicks.  NICE!
hmmmm, open a present, or beg for Grandpa's bacon?  She chose the latter.
McKenzie helping Toby open his stocking stuffer.
ah haha!  a gormet meal for the dog.  Don't you go falling in love with this stuff, cuz it's back to your "big bag" diet tomorrow!
Funny, how Toby, a Westie, looks nothing like this dog (also a Westie) featured in those Cesar commercials.  hmmm.
"telephone call for YOU Grandma"
The gifts have all been opened, and now we (okay, Joe) spent the rest of the day assembling the big kid stuff.
"some" assembly required for Kenzie's new doll house
movin' onto Macy's new car. - make note of Macy playing with the Nativity scene in the background.  ha!
Macy decides she should come over and supervise..."too tight daddy!"
"Careful, don't screw that front wheel on too tight".  a little to the left (ha, now Kenzie is playing with baby Jesus again)
 What a great day of Christmas Day we had.  Very low key and relaxing. A nice change of pace  :-)

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