The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 27, 2012

All Things McKenzie!!

Since the last few posts have been a bit "Macy" heavy.  I thought I would, in an effort to keep my blog well-balanced, change up the pace a bit.
So this post, is about all things McKenzie.  While, yes, Down Syndrome plays a major role in our life, it is only one small ingredient to our story.  If nothing else, this blog is eclectic & random at best.  Some days (well most days thankfully) are UP, some days are down, some days are silly, some are serious.  But at the end of the day, this blog represents a special mix of what makes our family tick.
That teeny-tiny extra copy of her her baby sisters' third-chromosome is MICROSCOPIC.  So, proportionately, it would most certainly be our goal to keep that "minor chromosomal difference" element as microscopic in our daily dynamic as possible.  So far, that's working out quite well for us. 
Thank you blog friends for keeping up with our craziness.  :-)

Sooo.  okay.
Back to McKenzie, the precocious one.
While, it's true she has developed a bit of a pre-teen attitude, I still love and cherish her to pieces.  She can be the sweetest thing (when she wants to be).

As you may recall a few months ago, we were having major "clothing issues".  read about her clothing intervention here
I am happy to report that after about three months of "tough clothing love" we were able to bring her clothes back in her room - she earned them back with good behavior.  I'd say she most certainly learned from this experience.  She now understands that a person only needs to wear ONE set of clothes a day (not 20! and it is not okay to change every 10 minutes).  She now picks out her own clothes in the morning, is quite picky, and does not have (in my opinion) the most keen fashion sense, but hey, she's dressed and she's NOT throwing a fit about it.  So it works for me - whatever!
We still have a ways to go and most certainly experience daily "behavior struggles", so we're getting some advice & learning unique tactics at "Love & Logic" class we're taking at church.  hehe
She loves preschool (especially show & tell days) and holds her teacher, Mrs. Shipe on QUITE the pedestal.  Which makes sense I suppose because she rocks.
The other day McKenzie said something really creative, smart & witty (I forget what it was exactly).
I asked her "Why are you so smart McKenzie?....Is it because your daddy is so smart?"...
"No" She responds.
I tried again, "hmm, oh, it's because your momma is super smart huh"...
"Nope".  She replies with a precarious smile.
"Well, how is it then that you are SOOO smart".  
It's cuz my teacher is SOOO smart!" 

I thought that was really sweet.  I couldn't wait to share that bit of info. with Mrs. Shipe the next day. hehe
She also mentions her teachers daily in her prayers at the dinner table.
In other news, she still LOVES ballet, enjoys her time spent with friends at Joy's daycare, McKenzie very much looks forward to Oasis & Bethany Buddies every Thursday and Sunday school, she likes going to Kids Camp on Thursdays.  She also has a lot of fun participating during Macy's Special Olympics YAP sessions.
She most definitely loves all the special time she gets to spend with her cousins, which includes lots of parties, sleepovers, movie dates, etc...
McKenzie also LOVES playing her iPod touch (but it's usually missing, so mommy's iPhone is generally the fall back)  She is a whiz on those apps.  Of course, we download child/age appropriate games and such, but I must say, she can hold her own on adult games too!  A lot of thought, strategy & hand-eye coordination are required for these games, so I am super impressed with her skills...Her most recent conquests have been "Cut the Rope", "Angry Birds" & "Egg Punch".
below are some recent adventures - pics taken with the iPhone :)
yay Instragram iPhone app  :-)

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