The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 18, 2012

Macy's uneventful 2-yr well-baby check

I am happy to report that her 2-yr check up with the pediatrician was uneventful - meaning there were no special issues or concerns that we felt we needed to address.  Which was very nice.  :-)
Her doc was super impressed and just as blown-away as we are with her development, skills & abilities.  She was a spit-fire on the examination table and would most certainly NOT let that ear-checker-thinga-ma-bobber come within a 2 foot radius of her head.  She is one strong cookie.  Doc was impressed with her "anticipation" skills & overall competence.  His remark came as no surprise to me.  She's smart.   She is fully aware and competent of the awkardness that having this device poking in your ear causes.  He had to work a little harder and use more effective negotiation tactics with little Miss Macy than I think he anticipated.

HA!  "Do you see what I'm dealing with here"?  I said.  It's all good  :)

So here are her stats (well kinda - I seem to have misplaced the report - surprise, surprise).
Weight - 22'9", which is in the 75th percentile on Down Syndrome Growth Chart.

Height - heavens I have NO idea!  Besides she was squirming something fierce so there's no way they got an accurate measurement anyway.  I do know she is in 10th percentile on the DS growth chart.
translation - she's a shorty...
Okay - so I don't have any "new pics" to share...but here is collage of some "somewhat" recent faves.

Oh and below is a sweet video of us waiting at the doc office.  Funny how they put you in an 8x8 room, alone for 15+ minutes and expect the little ones to behave.  Once she finally got bored with the UNCHILDPROOFED (I might add) outlets, she moved on to the curtain.  The kid had a blast twirling and peek-a-booking.  I was thinking about being a good mom (for a second) and telling her no...but she was having SOOO much fun...and I'd rather she pull down the curtain, than electrocute herself, so here ya go!  :-)
Just listen to that laugh!!!  ha.

As the background music says - she's having "THE TIME OF HER LIFE".    yes I added music, thought it would make the 1min & 35sec video a tad more entertaining.  :-)

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