The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Jan 6, 2012

A note to Macy on her 2nd Birthday

Macy, today (okay, I'm a little behind on my posts, 5 days ago) we gathered at our home to celebrate your 2nd Birthday.
Just 40 of your closest family members came over to show their love.

It is impossible for you to understand just how lucky we all are to have a front row seat to the greatest show on earth.  YOU!  You are a riot.  An absolute comedy show at times - sure you're fiesty, but you're YOU.  As Dr. Suess would probably say - You are the you-est you, you could be.  Loaded with character.  Full of energy, insatiable charisma and endless charm.  Seriously.  What's NOT to love about every inch (centimeter actually) of you?  We just thank God every day for allowing us to wake up and know that the funniest & sweetest little kiddo is waiting right down the hall.  Waiting for us to open the door to her bright pink room.  Every morning, NEVER FAILS, the moment we open that door, you bounce up, and throw out the world's biggest smile...bullseye.  You're a sharp shooter kid.  Those giggles & smiles always hit us square in the heart - I'm sure that's right where you were aiming too.  What an awesome thing to wake up to every day.  Thank.  You.  For.  THAT! 

Every day we get to spend with you brings us joy.  Joy to the trillionth degree.  Being able to watch you grow and develop into the person you were meant to be is so rewarding on too many levels to mention.  Each and every one of God's creations are amazing, but you my friend, YOU are the most amazing creation (at least to little ole me) OF ALL.  Every day you blow me away with new skills, abilities, milestones, expressions, signs, smiles, gestures, the list goes on and on.  I'm proud and elated, because I know these accomplishments don't come easy.  Sure, it takes you a little longer to learn how to do most things, and perhaps you have to work a little harder than "typical" kids, but you sure wouldn't know that by looking at you.  You handle every challenge and obstable with grace, confidence and poise.  When you want something, you just go GET IT!  Period.  You never whine or complain.  You just DO IT.  You always prevail.  You continue to be little miss social butterfly, the life of the party.  So sweet and welcoming of everyone - always looking to make friends.  :-)

You leave your daddy and I wondering.  Who are we?  Who are we to have been brought this far.  To have been trusted this much?  Who are we to have been given this awesome opportunity of being your parents?  We will thank the good Lord above for you always.  Our heavenly creator, with his very own hands, most certainly opted for the most delicate, illustrious and brilliant thread when he so intricately wove you together inside my womb.  A custom creation, a marvel from up above, for us all to enjoy & adore.

We are truly blessed to call you OURS.  We strive to make you proud.
And we genuinely hope that someday you too will feel blessed to call us YOURS. 

I'd like to think that every day we teach you something new...but that would be inaccurate...every day YOU TEACH US SOMETHING NEW!

So, okay, sorry for the ramble, I guess I tend to do that sometimes (especially when you are napping and big sister is crafting quietly simultaneously).  Below are some snapshots taken at your little B-Day party.

Aunt Jessica, Aunt Shelly & cousins Autumn & Ashlynn having a great time at the party.
Cousins Sam & Mason lookin' busy...Mason's on the phone and can not be bothered.
Macy arrived to the party ready to nap!  After a long weekend of partying at the lake and at the Witt's house.  :-)
Anna & Brook check out the caterpillar cake.
McKenzie & Cousin Ally playing with their Lallaloopsie dolls.
reading Harrison a book  :-)
Macy starting to make her rounds...from one plate to looks like Keri is her current victim.
Love those lips...her cheekies are FULL of food too.  ha!
hmmmm, where should I go next?
Grandma Harnisch brave enough to sit with the kids at the kids table  :-)
from left to right - Lisa, Dylan, Jim, Danielle, Dan, Grandma Lee & Grandpa Lee
Macy spots the next sucker who will share her food. Aunt Heather!
Macy watches her big girl cousins play house.
Mason & Sam come on over and play along too.
But Ally can't be bothered.  deep in thought & imagination.
Macy decides to come back to the family room and join in the party.
Maybe there's some food to steal over here.
I think she may have stolen this juice box from Uncle Jim....RUUUN!
Dylan reading one of our newest blog books  :-)  This blog has produced 4 "6 month increment" books, all totaling about 300 or so pages.  All a good read when we want to revisit some recent memories - I LOVE OUR BLOG BOOKS!!  :-)
Girls Club
Macy sure does love it when cousin Danielle comes around  :-)
Present time!  The grandpa's helped facilitate the craziness.
It was crazy because all of Macy's cousins wanted to be right in on the excitement as well.
Macy showing Aunt Jessica how to rock the sock money to sleep.
The big kids hogging Macy's new toys, while she reads the instructions off to the side.
Macy sneaks away and digs some old toys out of her toy box since the bog kids are all playing with her new ones. hehe
Caterpillar Cupcakes (supposed to be from the "A Very Hungry Caterpillar" theme, but I requested that they be more "girly" in color).  :-)
blow out the candles time!
She had quite an audience.
Make a Wish!
getting satisfyingly messy.
Heather, Grandma, Keri & Eirka being goofs
Macy tries on one of her new adorable little dresses she got for her Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday Little Miss Macy...we all love you so VERY much!!!!

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  1. Oh Macy you sure do have a pretty amazing Mommy. She always talks about how lucky she is to have you and well, I think you might be the lucky one. Thanks for always just being YOU, because you remind us constantly what unconditional love is and what Life is really all about.
    Your big cousin Erika thinks you pretty amazing too. The bond the two of you have is no accident. EVERYTHING in life happens for a reason and EVERYONE is brought to us for a reason. You see, Erika was pretty special when she was born too. She was a little unplanned at that time in our lives and she stole the hearts of everyone. And now you are doing that very thing as well. (She is a little jealous that you stole the spot light from her. But she will soon get over that.)
    Macy we love you! HAPPY HAPPY Birthday little Princess!

    The Mallory's