The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 1, 2012

A distracted day...let's just be HAPPY instead.

A few weeks ago, I got side-tracked.  It was a cold, overcast yucky Saturday, we had (for once) NOTHING on the agenda.  Kenzie had her usual ballet & tap class in the morning, but nothing else!  I had great things envisioned for this day.  Lord knows I had plenty of laundry, dishes, vacuuming & dusting to get caught up on.  I needed to go through the girls closets too...I think it's finally safe to put ALL of Macy's 9 month outfits into tubs and stored away. 
But...on a whim we decided to have cousin Anna come over to play & sleepover.  So, my plans of productiveness diminished.  I am easily distracted.  hehe
That morning a friend had posted this to facebook.  It got me thinking.  I reflected.  I pondered this.  And decided that today...Today, me and the girls are going to be HAPPY.  Oh & it just happened to be sweet Anna's 5th Birthday, so what better reason to snap some HAPPY PICTURES!  :-) 
5cr3w the chores, they'll still be there tomorrow. 

So I went along with a quote from my friend: 
"...and this unspeakable gift of motherhood... it's an honor. a dream. and not documenting it...capturing every moment...bottling it up to save forever...would be irresponsible."  ~  Kelle Hampton

 I peeked in the girls room and they were playing "puppets" with their toes.  So I tried to sneak a pic.
I was busted.
But they didn't mind and quickly resumed with their role playing.
swapping book stories.  neither can read, of course, but they sure do a great job of making it up as they go along.
L.O.V.E. this!
McKenzie is quite the dramatic storyteller.
She has Anna is shock and suspense!
playing a game of Twister on the flower rug.  "right foot BLUE" why not right?   :)
The girls were surprisingly cooperative with the camera, so we thought it would be fun to go downstairs and take some fun pics  (Anna's idea really).  :-)  Earlier McKenzie had picked out "matching" outifits from her closet, so they were already dressed for the part.
Anna's turn!
I could seriously take pics of this beauty ALL day!  She couldn't BE any sweeter.
I should start warning people, that if they leave their children (especially adorable ones) unattended in my presence, photographs of them just may surface on the internet.  hehe

Macy arose from her nap and felt dissapointed.  No fair!  I was left out  :(
She's trying to figure out the heck this is all about.
Once we got rid of the strange white frame, she "did her thing".  I just LOVE her sweet sweet smiles!
what a goof.
Quite the expressive personality this little peanut has.  She most certainly smiles with her WHOLE face.  And heart too.  :-)  If eyes are windows into her soul, then we can clearly see that her soul is pure, crisp, innocent, happy, energetic, honest & perfect.
God makes us all that way.

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