The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 29, 2012

Kindergarten Round-Up

I can't believe my big girl is going to be 5 in just a couple months!  We have decided that she is MORE than ready to start Kindergarten in the fall (her pre-school teacher agrees)  :-) 
So off she went, like such a big, brave girl to Kindergarten Round-Up.
I didn't have my camera, but I did manage to sneak a quick iPhone pic...
Is that the look of excitement or what!?!  :-)
She was super excited and had SUCH a great time!!  Plus there are kids from her preschool, our neighborhood and even our block who will be starting their school adventures next year too  :-)  It helped her to see those familiar faces.
She talked my ear off non-stop about it for weeks.  It's gonna be a long summer of waiting for the big FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for this kiddo.


During her round-up, I had plans of going into the office, but I thought...NAAAH, I went down the street and had breakfast with a few other "kindergarten" momma friends glad I did...we let out some (mostly happy) tears.  It was an emotional morning...Afterall, these are our BABIES!!!  
This is an event worth soaking in and crying over, at least a little bit.  hehe

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