The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 30, 2012

"Friends Around the World" program

Big sis has been a busy lady lately.  Between pre-school, ballet, tap, Sunday School, Bethany Buddies, accompanying her baby sis to therapy appointments, oh and don't forget Grandpa playdate's while momma goes to college (I like to call it the "Grandpa-share" program)...she's got plenty on her plate :-)
With all this productive activity, it has been nice to see her really coming out of her shell more.  She has had a few performances and opportunities to get up on stage.  It even makes this momma bear proud to see her march confidently up to the altar at church during the Children's Messages.  She used to refuse or at least insist that I accompany her.  But, now she goes up, excitedly, all on her own!  
It's the little things right?  Every little thing MATTERS!  Every LITTLE thing helps shape our little's into the person they are to become.  She has been taking many big confident steps lately.

Last week she had a big "Friends Around the World" program at school.  It was a big deal, all the kids and teachers have been preparing for weeks! There was singing, dancing and all types of ethnic foods from various countries.
 McKenzie was excited to represent the great state of Hawaii.
 check out that choreography! 
 Another one of the countries being represented was Japan
I loved how these two Japanese umbrella photos turned out!
 Is this boy a sweetheart or what!?  :)
 Kenzie watching the Mexican dancers from the background
 "Mexican Hat Dance"
 McKenzie's boyfriend Austin (yep, I said Boyfriend - ask her about him sometime, she'll BLUSH!) representing Ireland with a wonderful Irish jig.  Is he a handsome fella or what?!  Go Kenzie!  hehe
 she's really getting into it here...I understand that she was DEEP in concentration here, but I think we need to work on her "Stage presence" a little more.  AT least before her first ballet recital in June.
 The expressions on the kids' faces lit up when it was time for the parachute portion of the program...
 I was AMAZED to see the control these kids exhibited in the presence of this parachute...I mean what does one really want to do with those things?? SHAKE it FAST & HIGH of course!!

I've gotta say, Mrs. Shipe is awesome, those kids really listen to her and follow her directions well.  McKenzie puts her (and for good reason) on quite the pedestal.  She tells me that Mrs. Shipe is her best friend!  Plus, Mrs. Shipe's name regularly comes up in McKenzie's table prayers.  :)  She's tough to compete with!  When McKenzie spots her out and about and at church,'d think she had spotted a celebrity.  hehe
 The kids were singing "The Circle of Life" and it had all us parents in tears.  It was very heartfelt.
The song is over and the kids could finally shake the parachute around a bit.
 Mrs. Shipe presenting McKenzie with her PASSPORT!!
 Daddy & McKenzie showing off her passport and "travel around the world book".
 She was quite proud
How appropriate that she wanted to wear her "I heart the World" shirt that day.  atta girl!
  No fair...How does my child get a passport before me???
 I do, however, have mine (a REAL one) ordered through the US Post Office and should be receiving it, along with a Visa for my upcoming Mission trip to Bolivia soon.  Yeah, more on that to come in a later blog post.  :-)  I got vaccinated (7 shots later - ouch!) the other day, so the technicality stuff if just about all taken care of...

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