The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 23, 2012

You know what I love about Nebraska??

You know what I LOVE about Nebraska??
Snow to Sand in a matter of days!!!
You know the saying..."If you get bored with the weather, just wait a minute".  :-)

Spring has sprung...but let's revisit that last (and very brief) snow storm we had a couple weeks ago!
It was a Friday afternoon.  The skies were grey & gloomy, but there was no (at least as far as I knew) snow in the forecast...I just got done with class at Midland, picked them up from Grandpa Lee's house...

...when LOW & behold a LOVELY snow storm decided to pay a surprise visit.
This snow was big, wet & heavy...the air was warm.  A winning combination for sure! 
Oh & it was GONE within hours...
Macy was stickin' her tongue out trying to capture the flakes in her mouth!
Big sis shoveling the snow...uumm...sweetheart, seriously...don't bother.  With these temps, it will be gone before you know it!
I think Macy is more of a beach babe than a snow bunny.
Take this hat OFF and GET me INSIDE!  hehe  This white stuff is STICKY-ICKY
McKenzie and her BFF Lauren were painting the snow.
If you look closely, you can  spot Lauren hiding and waiting for the perfect time to strike. 
HIT Kenzie with a snow ball that is.
Such a beauty...I HAD to snap a few closeups of those baby-browns.  :-)
There she goes with that tongue again.  mmmm....snow....
thought I'd attempt a few quick pics while playing on the back deck.
But it was WAAAAY past Macy's naptime...
Can't keep 'em happy all the time huh?
McKenzie thought a go-gurt might make her happy.
But hey, she's not screaming, so it works for me!  Good call Kenzie  :-)
I'll get to those beach pics later.  But right now we're off to Pajarama!  A DSA sponsored event, where the Book "Guess How Much I Love You" will be read aloud at our local Barnes & Noble.  Kind of a "World Down Syndrome Day" celebration of sorts.

The girls LOVE bookstores & libraries.  me too  :-)

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