The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Mar 9, 2012

RSV - boo :(

We could see it coming.  Macy was on a slow down-hill battle with this most recent cold.
The usual suspects (Runny nose, mild fever & the rest of the crew) veered their ugly big deal right?  Macy was her usual strong & brave self, so we were waiting it out a bit, just sitting back to see if she could shake this off all on her own.  Like she usually does...
But this time it was different.  This time you could see it all over her face - her hurting heart staring back at us through those helpless eyes. 

here she was a few days earlier at the Special Olympics "Breakfast of Champions" - where she and her buddies posed with Husker football legend Matt Davison...she had a great time serving as "greeter", but as you can see in this photo she was worn out by the end of the day...since then, she has just NOT been herself...  :(
Her breathing got shallower and more labored.  Her cough got barkier and fever got hotter.  After a long sleepless night spent cuddling and watching my sweet baby girl struggle, chest caving with every quick, shallow breath...I decided I needed to take her in.  NOW.  (The fact that Joe was out of town did not exactly calm my nerves)
I drug a sleeping McKenzie out of bed and took her next door to the Fasts'.  They fed, dressed her and saw her off to Pre-school without a hitch (THANKS GUYS!!!!)
Loaded Macy into the car and off the Emergency room we went.  My mom she showed up (unexpectedly) to offer support, and I was sooo glad to have here there.  Her presence and extra hands were very much appreciated.

After some tests, swabs & x-rays we were able to cross some things off the list.  Despite showing low oxygen levels, they sent us home - with a "feel free to call or come back in should you have any more concerns" dismissal speech. 
Needless to say, I was still uneasy.
she got some free popsicles out of the ordeal, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.
I was not at 100% peace with this, so I contacted our pediatrician and got in to see him that afternoon.  After a few more checks & tests, it was confirmed that Macy has a bit of Bronchitis & RSV.  sweet.  :(  Just glad he figured out what was ailing her!

I find it interesting that this simple "RSV" test was not administered that morning in the ER (at the other medical facility), would have seemed logical right? (and YES, a friendly follow up phone call has been made in this regard - for productivity & efficiency purposes only) In any case, moving on...

The Home Health Care Nurse came to the house and trained me on the Nebulizer.  This provided instant relief for sweet Macy.  Aside from making her a little HYPER afterwards, the Albuterol opened her airway up just enough so she could breath a little easier.  :-)

Joe decided he did not like being far from his baby girl, so he made the 2 hour drive home from his work trip.  To at least be able to see & sleep near her bedside.  He arose in the morning, helped with the first breathing treatment, and headed back out of town.  Is he the BEST dad EVER or what??  :-)  It was comforting to have him there.
The next day Macy was still irritable & cranky (certainly NOT herself) and had rapid breathing.  Her skin was mottled and her hands & feet were a little bluish too.  My parents advised me that another trip to the ER was a good idea - off to Children's Hospital we went this time.
Grandpa & a not so thrilled Macy sitting in the waiting room - she is wrapped in a beautiful prayer shawl given to me by Joy earlier that day - Bethany Church has a wonderful  "Prayer Shawl Ministry" and I was touched when she reached out and shared one with me.  Warmed my heart!


So glad we went to Children's.  The doctors and nurses here just seemed so much more thorough and genuine in their examinations of Little Miss Macy.  
Despite feeling miserable...having Grandpa around always helps!
They checked her levels & did a breathing treatment and ordered up another chest x-ray.  To make a long story short.  She is fine.  They gave us a good list of symptoms to watch for.  They laid out a series of expectations and reassured us that under these circumstances she will be okay.  She will have a fever, she will continue to have breathing struggles, her nose will run like a faucet (so just keep her well suctioned) for at least the next 10 days or so...continue with her breathing treatments & should her fever exceed 104 degrees & should vomiting & diarrhea kick-in along with pauses in breathing, then of course we'll head right back in.  But until then, I can be home with her having the peace of mind that SHE IS FINE!  The staff, facilities and "kid-sized" equipment at Children's are excellent - not to mention, we experienced a caring bed-side manner.  From now on we are just going to go there FIRST!
Macy's chest x-ray...if you had a "trained-eye" you would know that it's all good.  :)

The good doc wrote us a scrip for fluids & extra TLC and we were on our way home...And that is exactly what I needed to hear.  :-)

Oh & they gave us a new inhaler device to administer the albuterol which Macy likes SOO much more than that loud & cumbersome nebulizer. :-)
out with the old & in with the new...
She slept well last night and her day is already off to a pretty good start!  Grandpa Lee came over for a bit so that I could get in a couple hours of work  :-)  She's definitely on the up-swing back and road to recovery.
A big thanks to our awesome family.  They kind of spoiled me and made this "dealing.with.a.sick.kiddo" stuff perhaps a little too easy.  Keri, Dan & Erika each took turns kidnapping big sister McKenzie.  Which was nice, I mean, who am I to turn down an offer to steal my rambunctious four-year old, ever?!  :-)  hehe
Oh & when we arrived home from the hospital I noticed that someone broke in to my house and cleaned my kitchen.  My dishes were STOLEN!  WTH?  I later learned my mom had simply washed and put them away...what a concept huh?   Thanks mom!  You are welcome to "steal" my dirty dishes any old time.  hehe
The first time I knew something was up with sweet Macy was the other day...One minute she was playing nicely in the playroom, the next she was catching some "random" zzzz's by the front door.
she's usually pretty good about guiding me to the steps while signing "sleep" when she's tired...but this, I'm afraid is as far as she made it.
she was eyeing Toby's "sun-spot".
"uuuuhghhh, if I could just make it over to that warm sun spot..."
tooo tired...didn't quite make it..."this will have to do"
okay, so I totally know this is sad & kind of pathetic, but it also cracks me up (just a LITTLE!)  :-)
just when I got in a good chuckle, she looked at me with THOSE sad almond eyes  :-(
"help me momma - love.  me."
Grandpa cuddling with Macy on the couch a few days later.  MUCH better than the cold wood floor!
I am so glad that our Miss Macy has turned a corner and is well on her way to recovery...she'll be back to her spunky/ornery self in no time!  Thank you ALL so very much for your thoughts & prayers.  I know God listens and hears each of them.  :)
The pretty TURQUOISE prayer shawl made by Joy & her prayer team- that Kenzie so sweetly wrapped her "sick" baby doll in just now.  :-)  had to snap a quick pic.

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  1. Oh, poor, sweet girl!!! Those photos are totally heartbreaking. I'm so glad she's feeling better, though, and that you know what it was! So much sickness this year for so many. :-(