The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 21, 2012

Field of flowers photo - FAIL!

I can't believe I am even sharing these photos.  It's quite embarrassing actually. 
I made this attempt last Wednesday after a long day of preschool (it happened to be Macy's LAST day - which was why I felt compelled to at least TRY)...

Unfortunately, however, the odds were stacked against me from the start...
1) it was the middle of the day - high DIRECT BRIGHT SUN =BAD combo for pics.
2) the girls were tired, hungry & grumpy
3) bumble-bee's were swarming
4) it was unseasonable HOT
5) and most importantly - the field which was FULL of vibrant over-grown wild flowers for weeks prior was MOWED the day before...the NERVE!  I had been driving past admiring this field EVERY day, wanting to stop the car, throw the girls in the flowers and take their pics, but we're usually in a hurry & it wouldn't work out.  Well...I totally missed the boat!

here's my FAILED attempt at what I wanted to be "pretty-pics-of-the-girls-amidst-field-of-flowers" - WHAT was I thinking??
"mom?"  "seriously?"  you want me to stand here in the middle of these prickly flowers?"  okay- but do NOT expect a smile.
"now you want me to touch the stinky thing?"
"Are you done now?"
"I'm getting rocks in my crocks"  hmmpph
big sis was playing along for a minute at least.
didn't take long before they were bee-lining it back to the car!
Diva Macy walks off the "set"
"You did not get this cleared with my management"
"Mom, I'm hungry, tired and just went potty in my pants...seriously, shut that camera OFF!"

 And...we're DONE!


note to self.  Don't try THAT again.  :-)

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  1. LOL!! It's the thought that counts, right? :-) I always want to take Sammi's pic in a big field of either flowers or tall, wild grass, but around here the risk of ticks far outweighs the intended lovely result. :-(