The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 30, 2012

Special Olympics NE 2012 Opening Cermonies

The Opening Ceremonies at TD Ameritrade park (yes the home of The College World Series) kicked off the 40th Anniversary of Special Olympics Nebraska.  Over 1,500 athletes competed in this years' Summer Games.
Let me just say "WOW"!
Macy was HONORED to be a part of this years' games.  Participating in the opening ceremonies, being a part of the promo video, as well as actually COMPETING in the 50 meter dash!
My brain is having a hard time finding words that adequately describe the huge sense of pride, excitement and wide range of emotions that were felt.  So I think I will just stick with WOW for now.

The "Young Athletes" Group gathered outside the stadium - waiting for the parade of athletes to begin
Macy & her buddy Eisley sitting so patiently
inside the stadium now...just waiting for her "time to shine".
McKenzie & cousin Anna sitting in the stands...waiting...
here we are..."marching" in.

gotta love it!
WOWT's John Nicely "emceeing" the Opening Ceremonies
All the athletes taking their seats in the stands.
Time for the Torch Run!  This torch, carried by Law Enforcement officers, has made it's way through various communities across the state all year long. 
HEY, we know this guy!  My sister Heather's brother-in-law Jeff, had the distinct honor of being in the final leg of the torch run and running along side a Special Olympics athlete.

Together, they lifted the flame to light the 2012 Special Olympics NE torch to signify the official opening of the Summer games.  What a wonderful honor that must have been!  Way to go Jeff!!
Through this "torch run" effort among a few other fundraisers throughout the year, Nebraska Law Enforcement raised an IMPRESSIVE amont of $257,075 for Special Olympics NE.  Again, ll I can say is WOW!

A Special Olympics athlete singing the national anthem. He was fantastic!
trying to get the girls to smile for the camera.  HA!
Macy was much more interested in what was happening over "there".
What was happening over there you ask?  In a well orchestrated effort, dozens of buses arrived right on que, carrying in them athletes from all over the state representing their various towns.  They marched off one by one and formed a huge line that wrapped the stadium.  It was at this moment that my breath was literally taken away.  What a sight!

Macy watching the team in a pre-game huddle.
My little girl, in true "Macy fashion" saying hi to everyone in our row.
With G&G Lee
can't blame me for trying right?  :-)

Macy "busting a move" and entertaining the security guards!

Getting silly with Aunt keri's iPhone!  Gotta love the kisses she gives herself at the end.  :-)

here comes the torch!  way to go Jeff!

more video of the torch entering the stadium

Eisley teaches Macy a new (licking the cement) trick during the Opening Ceremonies. They must've been bored. hehe NICE!

uch a sweet interaction between the girls at the 2012 Opening Ceremonies.

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