The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 30, 2012

Thomas' B-Day Party at PE 101

We have officially entered into the season of "A million things to do in one day".  
And this weekend was NO exception.  
How much can you cram into a weekend?  
I am so glad my girls have that "go-with-the-flow" / "along-for-the-ride" demeanor.  
Is it sad that every day we get in the car & McKenzie asks "Mom, where are we headed? - And then where?  And then what?"  And where are we gonna go after that?"  "oh okay, and then what & who are we going to see"?  You'd think our Q&A dialogue would be over once I respond with "then it'll be time for bed"...but sadly not always.  
ha!  guess she's used to being on the run.  :-)
After D.S. Mom's Coffee, Ballet, Tap and before our "small group" family gathering we 
were excited about a special Birthday celebration. 
Our buddy Thomas turned four a couple weeks ago and invited us to his party at PE 101. 
This is Thomas (I stole this pic from his family's blog because, surprise surprise, every pic I took of this speedy-gonzalez at his party were BLURRY!).  :-)
The girls LOVE this place!!
Macy felt especially at home on the trampoline.  
I see MANY return visits in the VERY near future  :-)
Big Sis mastering the art of patience.  -  this is not a skill you are just born with, and she still has a ways to go  :)

Thanks for inviting us to your SUPER FUN party Thomas  :-)

After a couple hours of was time to leave...let's just say Macy was NOT happy about this.  We witnessed, what I think it's safe to consider, her first "" temper.tantrum.  
Luckily, the situation resolved itself once we reached the car.  Thank God Girlfriend is easily distracted.  It's amazing what a little "itsy-bitsy spider", "ring-around-the-rosie" or "baby signing times DVD" can do to turn her mood right around.  :-)  
Wonder how long till the next one.  
fast forward to a week from then when it was time to leave "My Gym"  (same kind of place) that's a later blog post  :-)  hehe

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