The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 21, 2012

McKenzie's pre-school field trip!

A couple weeks ago McKenzie's preschool class took a field trip to Schram Park.  It was a day of "firsts" for both of us...I had the privilege of being a parent chaperone for the first time & Kenzie rode on a big yellow school bus for the first time.
McKenzie & buddy Austin both pretty excited about the bus.  :-)
aaaawwwww!  In case you couldn't tell, she's quite smitten with this handsome fella
look at how TALL McKenzie has grown  :-)  She's gonna pass me up in no time!
waiting in line patiently for her to get on the bus.
McKenzia & her two BF's Austin & Coletrane.  These are the friends she most consistently talks about about class each day.  :-)
Watching them interact with each other made me smile!

turning the lights down for a "riveting?" movie about all things mother nature.
McKenzie wasn't too thrilled about getting up close & personal with the various amphibians & reptiles...hehe
but if it's something that was Mrs. Shipes idea, of course, she'd be ALL OVER IT!  Mrs. Shipe is AWESOME!
it was cute watching the kids run excitedly from exhibit to exhibit...they would race as fast as they could from one to the next, but couldn't finish enjoying each animal until Mrs. Shipe caught up to join in the fun too.  Have I mentioned how much those kids look up to, respect and just LOVE HER!  In their eyes, she's a pretty big deal  :-)
Cooper and his momma Cindy feedin' the ducks  :-)
I snuck these side shots of Cindy with her handsome little guy  :-)  SOO cute!!
McKenzie sitting proudly with her most favoritest teacher in the whole entire WORLD!
The entire field trip was a success.  Everyone had a great time...but the highlight for most of the kids, I'd say, was definitely the big yellow school bus!

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