The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

May 20, 2012

Our buddy Vollen's TV debut!

Check this out! Watch KETV'S - What-is-Down-Syndrome-and-how-can-I-help-a-child-with-it-achieve-their-full-potential? news story here.

Last week, our local ABC affiliate, KETV Ch. 7 (my old employer), ran a story talking all about Down Syndrome...What is Down Syndrome and how can I help a child with it achieve their full potential?
Beth Conover, a geneticist with UNMC's Munroe-Meyer Institute, shared her expertise in this area.

Casie's little guy Vollen (who just turned three and is in Macy's MMI Speech & language disorder class) was shown playing throughout the "just over a minute long" story.

Vollen, you are SUCH a superstar!! :-) You represented our Down Syndrome community perfectly!  I just loved seeing your smiley face and hearing your adorable laugh on the video...You sure made us all proud today.  The news story generated good, positive exposure for enforcing Down Syndrome Awareness...and highlights many of the strides, being made locally, that are being put forth to improve the lives of our amazing children!  Big thanks to KETV.

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