The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 12, 2010

Bronchitis & Pneumonia

Okay,'s a little update on our Macy. She has a small amount of pneumonia and a bit of bronchitis. We are leaving Lakeside and are being admitted over at Bergan Hospital. Will stay through the day, possibly overnight, we'll just have to see how she does. Dr. Gina Coffee will take care of us over there and be in touch with Macy's Dr. Keller. Once there, they will give her more breathing
treatments (nebulizer), a steroid shot and possibly hook her up to IV's to pump fluids into her.

Here, is how it all got case you have time and want to know the minor details...
She was having coughing spells about once an hour or so...deep, wet coughing that would last about 10 seconds or so.

She developed a fever at around 6pm last night of 100.6. It was initially brought down by Tylenol (to 99.1). She had maintained a fever of 101 for several hours of the night and into the early morning hours...Tylenol was no longer bringing it down.

In hind sight, Macy was extra sleepy most of the day yesterday, more so than usual...and I would say a bit lethargic. Slight loss of appetite. The last time she really ate good for me was around 7am
yesterday morning, otherwise, it was just spread out "snacking" through out the day/night.
She has deep, rapid breathing, especially when nursing (she has to
pull off several times to catch her breath) with occasional wheeziness.
We had been in contact with Dr. Keller throughout the night and he of course advised us to come in and see him first thing in the morning.

Dr. Keller immediately checked her lungs and saw that she is very congested...definitely has bronchitis, possibly pnemonia too...
60 breaths per minute (pretty fast, twice as fast as what's normal).

Went down for chest xrays - those confirmed that her lungs are pretty
cruddy & there is presence of pnemonia.
They hooked her up to a monitor to check her oxegyn levels (around 80-85 or so). Lower than they'd of course like.

We gave her a nebulizer (breathing treatment) to get her more comfortable before leaving Lakeside.

How's that for a cute little scary monster mask?!? :-)

We knew and were warned that due to her Down Syndrome diagnosis that she could be more suseptible to getting sick and having a minor sickness turn into something more serious like, her narrow airways do not help in the breating arena.

That's all we know for now...we'll keep you posted.
Please keep our little angel in your prayers as she fights off this yucky illness.

Love, Sherri

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Location:Bergan Mercy Hospital

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