The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 13, 2010

Day 2 @ Bergan & DS SuperMoms

Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers for Macy while she is here at Bergan. We are confident the good Lord hears them ALL!! She is very much on the "up & up" and in recovery mode.

We had a pretty good, but long night last night, poor Macy just couldn't quite get comfy, cozy. I think she just wanted to be held and rocked by her mommy. Plus, she was starving...she played catch up due to the fact that had not been eating well the last couple of days...Fair enough. :-)

This morning I joined a bunch of VERY nice ladies for coffee at Panera. A group of moms who call themselves "Down Syndrome Super Moms". It was sooo nice chatting with them all, sharing my "Macy" experience thus far and learning their stories. It was so refreshing to know that we are not in this alone and that there are many other young families right here in this Omaha area going through the (somewhat) same journey as we are. I loved hearing about them and all of their precious angels!!! :-). I was debating as to whether or not I should go today, with Macy being in the hospital and all. But I am soo glad I went. Afterall, I was already in the nighborhood, it was just down the street from Bergan Mercy Hospital.
It was exactly what I needed.
A reason to:
A) get out of the hospital room for a bit.
B) have a reason to get freshened up.
C) meet some very nice gals with whom I now share a "common thread" and gain a positive perspective on our new, wondrous life journey. I also think that this "coffee" came at just the right time, as this current situation/hospital stay is really our first challenge that is actually Down Syndrome related. This DS life is sort of, in a way, kind of starting to really sink in and become a REALITY.
I very much look forward to seeing these gals again soonand forming a special bond with them. Feel free to check out my friend Casie's blog...she posted a fee pictures from this morning's "moms coffee".

Back to Macy...
Upon returning from lunch, Joe and I learned that they had decided to turn her oxygen off. Now comes the test. Let's see if she can maintain high enough O2 levels without machine intervention, so that she can have a chance at being discharged tomorrow. Let's go girl, you can do it!! :-). It's 9:00pm right far so good!

Macy had all four Grandma & Grandpa's come visit her this afternoon, along with Aunt Keri & Cousin Erika.

Pastor Mark from church also stopped in to visit. How VERY nice that was!! He had some kind words and shared some scripture that related very well to Macy. He also led us in a very touching prayer! Thank you Pastor Mark, your visit meant a lot!! We've learned that Macy has been added to a prayer chain at church, how great. The power of prayer is amazing!
The most special visitors of course were cousin Anna & Big Sister McKenzie!!! :).

Boy did those princesses bring some much needed sunshine to the room. :). It was the cutest thing, McKenzie was holding Macy and Anna lightly touched her hand. McKenzie said to Anna sternly "don't touch her Anna, don't touch her... You only look at her". Haha. So funny! Do you think she hears that a lot from her mommy & daddy. LOL

In case the above video is not working, here's the YouTube link Check out this video on YouTube:

Ah! Spongebath!! :-)

Plans for the night-watching the Olympics (Speed Racing is on at the moment - Go Anton Ohno Go!!)
Uncle Ja is coming up for a visit here in a bit. :-)

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Location:Bergan Mercy Hospital

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  1. I think our little ones extra chromosome gives them super human strength. I am amazed at their strength. Macy will prove this to you over and over.
    Hang in there,