The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 22, 2010

Happy 2 months Macy!

Macy is 8 weeks old today!
She is almost 8 pounds, just a few more ounces to go...
To celebrate we got out of the house (no not for a doc appt) but for MOMMY & ME! Macy slept in her carrier the whole time and I enjoyed wonderful conversations with the other mommies :-) Big Sister McKenzie had a great time running around and playing with her friends. On the way home she told me she "played basketball game ball with her buddies" and that she "had good day" (those aren't typos, that's what she said). It did the trick, because we came home, ate a quick lunch and she marched herself right up to her big girl bed...sucking her fingers and twirling her hair all the way up the stairs. As you know, those are her trademark "I'm tired" gestures :-)
Yesterday we had the whole "Lee Clan" over for a Turkey dinner. It felt like Thanksgiving! Having 20 people over from 11am-6pm for a large dinner with all the fixins would normally be overwhelming and stressful. However, yesterday, it was NOT at ALL. I did nothing to prepare for the day and had no cleanup afterwards as my mom and sisters did all the cooking and cleaning of dishes. It was wonderfully relaxing and VERY nice to have them all over after a long week of trying to just take it easy and keep the little ones healthy. Below are some photos from the day :-)
Allie, McKenzie and Anna getting into trouble...they KNOW they're not supposed to play with the hand sanitizer! BUSTED! hand it over...
Macy wanting to be a part of the "big girls" club.
silly, silly girls :-)
Their FAVORITE cousin Danielle taking good care of them :-) Watching Curious George. While the little ones were entertaining themselves we were able to get a good game of Shanghai Rummy in. LOVE that game! I was definitely the big loser! Better luck to me next time. :-( Cousin Erika getting in some quality cuddle time with Macy :-)WOW, way to go Macy, hold that head up high! My baby girl is soo strong!
Erika looks on as Grandpa Lee changes Macy's diaper...
Believe it or not, Grandpa was all-over the diaper changing yesterday. He jumped at the chance to get more practice in. As you can see, Macy is still a little nervous at being this "newbie's" practice dummy. She can smell a "diaper virgin" from a mile away! It might come as no surprise to most of you, but my dad has probably NEVER changed a diaper. Yes, he raised us four girls and has 10 grandchildren, but apparently he has never been in a position where he had let alone wanted to change a diaper.
This is a picture from the other day. This is probably his "first" time changing a babies diaper. Macy is thinking "are you seriously going to just stand back and watch this disaster unfold? Do something!" haha. It actually went rather well. good job Grandpa :-)

Kodak moment in-deed :-) Macy is such a lucky girl...after my 12 weeks of maternity leave are up, I will be returning to work at SKAR Advertising. I just love it there so much, I love what I do, I love my co-workers and really enjoy the clients and media partners I get to work with each and every day. It will be bitter sweet, but I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of being a working mamma. The fact that SKAR is so awesome and is allowing me the opportunity to come back part-time is going to make the transition a little easier. I will now have a permanent schedule of Tue, Wed & Thur 8:30am-5:00pm. Thank you SKAR for being such a family friendly employer! Another thing making my return to work a little easier is the fact that Grandpa Lee has volunteered to watch over our little Miss Macy for a few months. We are not ready to enroll her into daycare just yet, we want her little immune system to get a little stronger. Plus, we want to get through this nasty flu season and try not to expose her to more germies than need be. So, the nanny search has been called off. Grandpa Lee to the rescue!!! :-) Sure, he has a little bit of diaper and bottle training to undergo, but all-in-all, he is going to be awesome. He loves and cares for all of his grand-babies so much. He is patient, calm and very nurturing. What better qualities can one ask for? McKenzie will, however, continue to go to Joy's daycare. She loves it there so much, she has wonderful friends and Joy provides a wonderfully structured, preschool type environment...every 2 year old needs a fair amount of stimulation as to not drive their families nutso. Not to mention Joy's daycare is loving and safe! I'd say we've got a good thing going :-)

These photos below are from a couple weeks ago when Grandpa Lee brought his BFF Bryan over to meet baby Macy. Can you say "Grandpa daycare"? :-)
wrestling with the big valentines bear! nice hair McKenzie :-)
McKenzie checking on Macy to make sure everything is OKAY. afterall someones gotta watch over these two.
I have a feeling Bryan may be assisting dad some of the days he is watching over Macy! And yes, you too Toby.


  1. The entire Lee family rocks! LOVE reading your posts - the love is incredible!

  2. aww, thanks! I am so glad you enjoy the blogs :-)
    And yes, there sure is a lot of love in this big Lee family! Hope all is well with you!