The Harnisch Family

The Harnisch Family

Feb 19, 2010

Our little Over-acheiver!

Yay, Macy passed with flying colors!! So far (knock on wood) Macy is getting straight A's on the major exams)... :-)
The upper GI/swallow test showed that everything is normal as far as her swallowing goes. No Aspirating in the lungs while she feeds. There were also no signs of reflux, which is fabulous!!
Brenda, The Speech Pathologist who Dr. Keller seeked out to help with the procedure, also just happens to be our neighbor down the street. I have met her kids, but had not had a chance to really meet her yet...That was a funny coincidence...SMALL WORLD!! She was so nice, and so professional, she really helped put both Macy & I at ease. Thanks Brenda!! I look forward to seeing you more in the spring, once we are all able to come out from hibernation.

Another funny thing I wanted to we walked into Bergan Mercy Hospital we were quickly reminded, by the sight of all the ashy forheads, that it was Ash Wednesday. As I was standing at the desk of the diagnostic center, Macy was starving and started crying, when all of a sudden, seemingly out nowhere, came this adorably sweet nun. She bent down and spoke softly to Macy, immediately calming her. Awe! How sweet that was. :) And, oh yeah, while I understand it is customary for many to fast in observance of Ash Wednesday, it is NOT okay for infants to participate in the ritual. However, Macy did partake in the "fasting" festivities, not for religious purposes, however, doctors orders. She could not eat for 3 hours leading up to the procedure. Yikes! As most mommy & daddy's know, when a kids gotta eat...a kids gotta eat!
It could have gotten UGLY!

We had another long day full of appointments yesterday. Again, everything checked out fine for both Macy and me! The nurses at my OB/GYN office were just loving on Macy. They were sooo sweet :-) They held and passed her around the entire time I was there, which was actually very helpful as she had just received some vaccinations prior to this visit. She was kind of fussy and just wanted to be held anyway. This allowed me to have a good, much needed conversation with my Doctor. Thanks guys!!! :-)
Macy is back home where McKenzie is, as she keeps saying, "going to make baby Macy all better" :-)
see video below:

Apparently the "art of dance" has immense healing powers! It is so sweet how attentive Kenzie is to Macy's needs. she gets so concerned when the music turns off on her little swing. She is very quick to rectify the situation.

Tonight I am VERY much looking forward to my friend Jen coming over. She does my hair and has a studio at Boss Studios. Being that Macy is still recovering from pneumonia, and it is not the best idea for me to take her out and about more than we have to, Jen has GRACIOUSLY agreed to bring her salon to my house tonight. My hair is in MAJOR need of attention :-) uugggh....Cut & color.

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